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Inside Store First – Subjayas Ltd, Blackburn

16 Oct 2018 –– Customer Case Studies
Subjayas Ltd, Blackburn

Business customers take out storage for all kinds of reasons – but what makes them choose Store First over other storage providers? We caught up with Blackburn business storage customer Siva, from Subjayas Ltd, to find out.

What’s your business called?

Subjayas Ltd.

Why did you choose to take out a Store First unit?

I was using another storage company for a long time to store products, but then heard about Store First’s offer of 50% off the first 12 weeks, as well as the 24-hour access. It’s so convenient, there’s plenty of space and the team there are amazing.

How long have you been at Store First?

I took out my unit in October 2017, so it’s been a year.

What do you use your storage units for?

I use my unit to store products.

What are the benefits of operating from Store First?

The team at Store First Blackburn are extremely good. Michael Webster, the manager, is amazing and Leah is very good, too. The whole team is very approachable and you call them any time and they answer all your questions so everything is clear. They are the reason I am still using Store First a year on.

There’s plenty of space and everything is automated which makes it so easy.

What facilities do you use here?

I sometimes use the meeting rooms when I have visitors. There are enough facilities there to help me run my business.

Has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

Definitely. I sometimes get calls during the weekend when I need to go in and access my unit. It’s so easy to do this, and it’s a great help to my business that I don’t have to wait until a weekday.

Would you recommend Store First to other SMEs? If so, why?

100% – I would recommend Store First to other businesses without a doubt.

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