Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about self-storage?

We've compiled a list of the most common questions and relevant responses to help you discover everything you need about personal and business storage. If there's anything you need to know that you can't find the answer to, please feel free to contact your local store team using the contact details on the locations pages.

What is self storage?
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Self storage is a service which offers you the space to keep your goods and affords you the peace of mind that you know your belongings are safe, secure and protected from the elements. You are the only keyholder to your storage unit, and a good self storage centre will be staffed seven days a week and give you access to your belongings 24 hours a day if required. All our storage centres are new, state-of-the-art facilities that are purpose-built and the best on the market.

What costs will I incur?
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Costs associated with self storage include:

Packaging materials - these can be sourced from most self storage providers. Take a look at our packing materials, prices and offers.

Transport costs to the storage centre - Store First offers a FREE pickup service where our staff will drive to you, aid you in loading up your goods and take them to our storage centre for you. Please contact your local store for details.

Rental Fee - this is based on the cost per square foot of storage unit. Our storage units are various sizes from 10sqft to over 300sqft so there is something to suit everyone's needs. The overall cost of rent will be dependent on how much space you need and what period of time you are willing to commit to in advance or you can pay 4 weekly if you prefer.

Contents Protection Service Fee - Please see the section “Are my goods protected whilst in storage?”. Our competitors don’t like talking about additional costs until you are ready to move in. We are upfront and the total price we quote is the only price you have to pay so you know exactly where you stand from first contact with us.

Padlock (Free) - Your storage space will be unique to you and so you can place your own security padlock on your storage unit door to make it secure. A robust high security padlock is expensive but at Store First, we provide you with a high security laminated steel padlock FREE of charge.

Can I expect any hidden costs?
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Unlike our competitors we have no hidden costs. Our price page shows the total cost for you to move in (excluding the cost of packaging). This even includes a free padlock and contents protection service fee for your goods whilst they are in storage. Store First has a company policy of honesty with our pricing and unlike our competitors we will not add on unexpected costs once you think you have agreed a price. Always ask a self storage company to confirm the full cost of your storage in writing including any compulsory costs they will apply (additional insurance, security deposit etc). It is also worth asking them about price reviews and if they can increase your costs at any time. It is common practice by our competitors to increase prices every 6 months by between 5-12%.

Our pricing and discount policy explained
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At Store First we try our very best to ensure our prices are honest, simple and clear to understand. They are based on a 50% discount for upto the first 12 weeks of your stay and then a standard all inclusive 4 weekly rate thereafter. The initial 50% discount deals are strictly offered to new customers only. Store First reserves the right to remove discounts at any time in line with these Terms and Conditions.

Standard invoices are paid 4 weekly in advance.

If you are looking to stay long term, we can then offer ongoing prepayment discounts, after the initial 12 week period:

  • Pay for 13 weeks in advance and get 10% discount
  • Pay for 26 weeks in advance and get 20% discount

Please speak to your local store for more details. You only ever pay for what you use (with no notice period required) unless you have agreed a prepayment discount (13 or 26 weeks), in which case fees are non-refundable during the pre-payment period.

Store First reserves the right to remove prepayment discounts when accounts fall into arrears.

What do I get for my money?
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At Store First we think we offer the best value for money within the self storage industry. Not only do we offer the best value rental prices in a completely honest and transparent way but we offer many facilities that are totally free to use once you are a tenant. This includes showers, kitchens, fully equipped meeting rooms, WiFi, printing facilities, etc.... Please see our facilities page for more details.

Will you increase my costs?
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It is common practice within the self-storage industry to price match. We offer premium but cost effective self storage facilities in the UK whilst offering a single price which includes everything. There are no additional charges on what we quote. We call this our honesty policy i.e. we are simply honest about the prices we charge and don’t try to entice our customers in with 'cheaper' rental prices with additional costs when we have you sat down with us, ready to move in, unlike other storage providers. We keep a close eye on the market, and prices can be increased in line with other storage providers, but we will always stay competitive within our field and provide a premium service alongside the UK's best storage package.

Are my goods protected whilst in storage?
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YES, at Store First we believe in total honesty over our pricing and ensuring that your property is safe and secure. All our prices include the Contents Protection Service Fee. The Contents Protection Service Fee is to secure the premises and your belongings against risks such as fire, explosion, insect or vermin and theft involving violence or the use of force. If you are up to date with your Contents Protection Service Fee payments, we will compensate you up to £15,000 if we have failed to prevent loss or damage to your belongings resulting from any risk within our control. Please ensure when you are comparing online prices that you ask our competitors to include any compulsory charges so that you know the true cost you will be expected to pay. They will be reluctant to tell you this so it is worthwhile getting it in writing from them before you make a final decision.

Can I change my unit for a bigger or smaller one?
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Yes. We have a massive selection of sizes of unit for you to choose from. As your needs grow or reduce you can easily move to a different size unit. This ensures that you are always paying for the optimal sized unit for your needs. Your storage fee will be adjusted accordingly based on the size of your unit so you are only ever paying for the space you need.

Can I store at any of your centres around the country?
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Yes, a separate Licence Agreement will be needed for each storage unit you rent.

Can I store in more than one storage unit?
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Yes, a separate Licence Agreement will be needed for each storage unit you rent.

Can I view the storage unit before I rent?
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Yes, our highly trained staff are all experienced and will be happy to show you a range of storage units to identify the one that best suits your needs.

Do I have to pay to access my unit?
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You can access your room as much or as little as you like, provided you are up to date with your rent. All of our stores offer 24 hour access and there are no access charges.

When can I access my unit?
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You can access your unit anytime you like, providing payments are up to date. All of our stores offer 24 hour access if required. Our stores are staffed 7 days a week so there is usually someone on site to help if you need any assistance.

Do I have to sign a new agreement if I change my unit?
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Yes, each of our storage units are individually owned so if you move units you will need to sign a new agreement.

Do I need to give any notice to rent a room?
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No notice is required, just tell us what size you want and where and we'll do the rest. If you need advice on how much room you need or about locations, just ask.

For pick ups, we require at least 2 weeks to ensure availability, though we will always try to fit you in where possible.

Do I need to give notice to vacate my room?
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You do not need to give any notice to vacate a room with Store First.

Our company policy is honesty and openness and we believe that customers should only pay for what they need and use.

Therefore, whilst the rest of the self storage industry continues to insist a customer provides at least 7 days’ notice (in many cases longer) we don’t require any prior notice to vacate.

Simply tell us when you would like to vacate and you pay to that day, even if it’s the same day. Simply remove the lock from your unit to allow us access, and notify a member of staff.

Please note that if you have chosen to pre-pay for 13/26 weeks, paid in advance, then refunds will not be given if you leave before the end of the pre-paid period.

Do I need to seek legal advice before signing an agreement?
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You can if you wish but there is no need to do so and customers find our licence agreements easy to understand. You can download our terms from the website to review at any time before signing and our friendly staff will talk you through the main points. Remember, the licence is there to protect all of our customers.

Do you carry my belongings into the unit?
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While we cannot carry your belongings to your unit, we make the process as easy as possible with our FREE pick-up service to bring your belongings to the store, as well as access to our trolleys and lift access to all floors.

Do you have forklift trucks for my use?
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All of our sites have forklift trucks that staff are trained and licensed to use. Stores are not permitted to allow uninsured operators. Only Store First staff are permitted to operate trucks but we will happily unload and load pallets and bulkier items for you.

Do you help me to organise my unit?
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Yes, you only need to ask and our experienced staff will advise you on how to organise your unit. We also offer a free Packing and Storage guide for you to download which is packed with useful tips

Do you supply packaging materials, boxes, tapes and bubble wrap?
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Yes, there is a full range of packaging materials available at all of our storage centres. Our friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your requirements and we often have special offers and promotions for new customers.

How do I book a self storage unit?
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That’s easy, you can book a unit easily and quickly online, via our price page. If you prefer to speak to us first you can either visit any of our stores or talk to us over the phone. Please note that due to anti-terrorism laws, proof of ID will be required to move in and our friendly staff will talk you through the process.

How do I transport my belongings to the self storage centre?
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We offer a free van pickup service, which you can book, or you can use your own vehicle if you prefer. For larger requirements or for full removals, we can recommend reliable removal companies.

How is a self storage unit constructed?
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All of our self storage units are constructed from steel. The roof is constructed from the same steel that make the walls and doors. The steel construction helps to reduce the risk of damage to property from fire and reduces the risk of break-ins.

How much does self storage cost?
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We offer the most flexible self storage solutions in the UK. From large lockers to individual storage units over 300sqft. All of our prices are online for you to review and are fully inclusive of all costs you will incur unlike our competitors who will add on compulsory costs for insurance before you move in. self storage costs do vary from region to region and even within local areas. The cost of storage will vary with the size of the space you need. Use our space estimator as a guide or speak to one of our stores. Don't worry if when you arrive the quantity of goods or the space required is more or less than the estimate, a more suitable size room can easily be found, you will not be expected to pay more than for the amount of space you need.

Is car parking provided?
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Yes all of our sites have plenty of free car parking spaces, available for customers visiting our facilities. Vehicles are not to be left onsite for extended periods unles prior arrangement has been made with the store in writing

Is there a maximum or minimum storage period?
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There is a minimum period of 7 days but no maximum length of stay.

What can/can't I store?
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You can store almost anything provided that it is not excluded in our terms and conditions. Check with a member of staff at the store if you are not sure. As an example you cannot store (and you must not allow any other person to store) any of the following in the self storage unit:-

  • Food or perishable goods unless securely packed so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin;
  • Birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures;
  • Combustible or flammable materials or lis such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents;
  • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition;
  • Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents;
  • Toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature;
  • Any item which emits any fumes, smell or odour;
  • Any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained;
  • Compressed gases.
  • Collectibles, fine art, jewelry and money

Please read our Terms & Conditions here for a complete list.

What methods of payment do you accept?
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We aim to keep storage as hassle free as possible.

For one-off payments we take Debit or Credit Card. We do not take cash payments.

For ongoing payment arrangements we have a Standing Order facility and a repeat card payment system, where we take your regular invoice payments automatically from your nominated debit account or credit card. Ask in store for details.

Please note that as part of our required ID checks your first payment must be made via a Debit or Credit card so please make sure you have this with you when you move in.

What proof of identity do I need?
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You will need a form of Identification and confirmation of where you live:

  • Proof of ID in the form of either a current Photo Drivers Licence or Passport. We will also need to take your photograph.
  • Proof of address - e.g. Household utility bill or bank statement less than 3 months old.

Please note that as part of our required ID checks your first payment must be made via a debit or credit card so please make sure you have this with you when you move in.

Why do I need proof of Identity?
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Storage centres need to know the I. D. of everyone who enters the site for security purposes and to meet legal obligations. We do not allow people to store anonymously

What security is used to protect my valuables?
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All of our storage locations are secure, incorporating:

  • Fire and smoke detection systems inspected regularly by independent assessors.
  • Round the clock, inside and outside, Digital CCTV, Digitally encrypted with time and date stamp.
  • Full perimeter Alarm system, monitored 24 hours a day
  • Access control systems, which only allow authorised personnel onto the site, via preprogrammed fob access
  • Staff on site 7 days per week
Who holds the key to my storage room?
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You are the only key holder. A unique high security padlock and keys is provided to you free of charge. Having your own lock and being the only key holder gives you peace of mind, knowing that no one can access your room without your permission. You can use any padlock you like and can change it whenever you want to.

Who provides the lock?
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The lock is normally provided by you but we give you one free. Providing your own lock and you being the only key holder gives you peace of mind, knowing that no one can access your room without your permission.

Are Store First storage units heated?
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No, our storage units are not heated because our storage facilities are dry, clean and purpose-built for storage.

Who uses self storage?
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Self storage is used by a variety of people and businesses for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • householders/homeowners when moving house, perhaps having your possessions delivered to a storage facility near to where you are moving. Fishermen not wanting to clutter the garage or garden shed. Anyone who needs more space.
  • a larger business wanting to increase your stock levels for e.g. Christmas or wanting to archive documents.
  • a smaller business as the next step from working from home ie to hold stock and use our FREE office and printing facilities
  • students going home for the holidays and wanting to know that your goods will be safe until your return.
How does the free pickup service work?
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Our free pickup service is available to all customers who store in 100sqft units and above, and where storage is paid 12 weeks up front. It is available for collections within a 10 mile radius of your chosen storage centre location.

Will you accept post and goods delivered to me at your self storage centre?
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Yes our storage centres do accept goods and post on your behalf and keep them safe until you collect them.

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