Meet the Team: Michael Webster, Store First Brierfield

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Meet the Team: Michael Webster, Store First Brierfield

15 Apr 2024 –– Meet the Team

Recently, as part of the final phases of the £34m redevelopment of Northlight, we welcomed tenants to Northlight Industries and Store First Brierfield.

The historic mill was built in 1832, and we have preserved as many original features as possible while creating spaces that are completely modern and fit for purpose. The new Store First facility is state of the art, with extra wide corridors, and keyless entry both externally and to the unit, meaning multiple people can enter easily if required – and it’s all tracked on the app.

We caught up with Michael, the Site Manager to find out more.

“My role entails looking after the site, the operations of the site, and ensuring that we have the right storage solution for customers, as well as looking after our tenants for the new industrial units and offices.

“I've worked for Store First for almost ten years, it's fantastic. At our brand new site facility at Brierfield, we've got state of the art security. We've got “no key” smart storage entry, basically what it says on the tin – there’s no need for any keys to access the facility. It's all installed through smart application on your mobile phone or a smart device.

“It keeps an entry log of who's accessed the onsite free car park, the automatic sliding doors, as well as the 24 hours accessible roller shutter for loading and unloading. The ideal customer for us will be businesses needing large storage space. The fit out of this building is great, it's got well lit, bright corridors, and wide corridors for accessibility with double door access. Any businesses who may need pallet storage or anything like that that you may not be able to get in a standard storage centre, we have that on offer.

“We have free meeting room facilities, breakout hub areas, relaxing kitchen areas where you can connect to Wi-Fi, all under one roof. Northlight is a fantastic location, just situated off M65 Junction 12 as well as close to local public transport, and very close to Brierfield train station.

“Once you join Northlight, we have business to business networking. Whether you need a supplier or any recommendations, if we have it under this roof, then we will recommend them for you. We offer more than an empty space. We have state of the art security systems, onsite shower facilities, and we have a gym on site as well which is perfect for me!”

Managing Director Toby Whittaker added, “Michael does a great job running the Northlight Estates units and the new Store First. He’s been a valuable part of the team since running Store First in Blackburn, and he’s making a real difference to our tenants now he’s here at Northlight!”