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05 Jan 2013 –– Self Storage

Also in recent news, a man who burgled a family home in the early hours after a drinking session has been warned he faces jail. Lee Bennison, 22, left the victim feeling violated and vulnerable. He was said to have taken a TV and dumped it in a garden after going to the house to see someone and being refused entry. Many incidents that are theft related happen quite frequently; especially coming up to Christmas.

At this time of year it’s common knowledge that people are splashing out on gifts for their loved ones, and with the popularity of expensive technology increasing, many burglars are on the lookout for easy homes to target.

As a result, if you feel that your expensive valuables and gifts are not safe and secure, come to Storefirst where we can store your belongings in a unit that comes with insurance and an insurance-approved, high security lock. Our store pods do have purpose built facilities that will make sure your goods are stored safely with our 24 hour, police response, fully recorded and monitored CCTV system… you will have nothing to worry about!

If you feel your valuables are not safe and secure over the Christmas period, give your nearest Storefirst branch a ring and we will be glad to assist you. Don’t risk disappointment and worry this festive season by storing your valuables at home; invest in a Storepod from Storefirst and achieve peace of mind that your goods are completely secure.

Furthermore, you can store by the week, month or year so storing with us can be as short or long-term as you wish. If you’d like to know more about our secure storage facilities, email, or contact us by phone on 01282 330 330 and we’ll be glad to find the perfect sized storage unit for you at the best possible price!