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6 cleaning tips to spruce up your home

22 Mar 2018 –– Tips & Advice

Tidy house, tidy mind, as the saying goes. We've put together some top spring cleaning tips to help you spruce up your place this season.

1. Declutter like a pro

Before you can start the actual cleaning, you need to clear some space to begin working your magic. How many of us are guilty of gathering various items in each room of our homes that we neither want nor need to be there? After a while, we all stop seeing what's actually there, so spring is a great time to take a fresh look and assess how much you really need to keep in each room. Then, you can launch your cleaning mission with a clean slate (so to speak).

2. Assemble the right kit

If you're like us, you'll find every excuse to avoid that mammoth cleaning session like the plague, and one such reason may be the hurdle of gathering together the necessary products and items needed to get started.

But finding the right kit can go behind simply assembling a few sprays and cloths. As more and more of us attempt to reduce waste and adopt more eco-friendly habits, you can take this opportunity to make your cleaning kit environmentally sound too.

Set yourself up for success by investing in a neat cleaning caddy like this one, made out of robust and easily recyclable metal, rather than plastic.

Then, pack it up with your favourite cleaning products - we love the range of cleaning and household products by Method, as they're all natural (and even feature cute compliments on the base of each product).

Certain types of disposable cloths and single-use cleaning wipes are a huge threat to the environment (and especially when said wipes are flushes

Upgrading disposable cloths to reusable microfibre ones is a great way to cut down on waste and step up your cleaning game. Microfibre cloths are affordable, can easily be thrown into the washing machine on a high heat and can sanitise surfaces, floors, glass and tiles when wet - no products required.

Before you know it, your new kit will have you springing into your cleanathon.

3. Pick a room

Starting your clean-up operation can seem daunting, so take a room-by-room approach to break it down into achievable tasks. This way, you will give real focus and attention to each room and do a thorough job, rather than whizzing through in a panicked whirlwind to try and get it all done in an afternoon.

4. Ditch the chemicals for old favourites

Following on from #2, you can supercharge your cleaning prowess even further by calling on some old school tricks (and storecupboard items you may already have in).

For example, if your microwave has seen better days and all those quick dinners have added up to unwanted food and grease you've been putting off cleaning, try this quick, easy and natural way to give it a deep clean.

Simply chop a lemon into small slices and place in a microwave-safe bowl of water, then blast it in the microwave on its highest setting for a few minutes, or until the door begins to steam up. If you open the door after a few minutes and the inside of your microwave isn't suitably steamy, give it another blast for a few more minutes. Once you've done this, simply arm yourself with a clean, damp cloth and you can easily wipe clean all sides of the microwave, leaving it gleaming. We actually tried this natural microwave cleaning method recently and it really does work!

Similarly, vinegar and water does the job of a glass cleaner excellently and is a fraction of the price of window cleaning sprays available from shops.

Baking soda can be used for a host of natural cleaning jobs. Try making a paste out of baking soda and water to clean your oven. All you need to do is paste it onto the bottom of the oven, leave it overnight then wipe clean the next morning.

Wellness Mama recommends stocking up on the following items to assemble your natural cleaning arsenal:

  • white vinegar
  • natural salt
  • baking soda
  • lemons
  • microfibre cloths
  • essential oils
  • a couple of spray bottles

Mrs Hinch, eat your heart out!

If this inspires you to take things further, check out this blog on 5 easy-to-make homemade bathroom cleaners from Tips Bulletin. Have you tried any of these?

5. Clean as you go

Staying on top of the cleaning can make life a lot easier and avoid the need for huge seasonal clean-ups. For example, how often do you stand in the bathroom aimlessly while the kids are enjoying their bathtime? You could use this time more smartly by cleaning the areas which are not in use, then simply rinse and wipe down the bath once they're tucked up in bed. Job done, in no extra time.

Top bathroom cleaning hack (courtesy of Vogue.com) - fill up your toothbrush holder the cup with water and pop an Alka Selzer in for a quick and easy clean. Let it fizz away the dirt and then simply rinse, wipe and dry.

6. Detox your wardrobe

Decluttering our wardrobe is a task we all dread, but it really is worth tackling. For one, removing all the items you won't wear for months and months frees up so much space for you to see what you have and rediscover old favourites. Vacuum bags are widely available, easy to use and provide a great space saving option for out-of-season or special occasion clothing (we spotted some in a pound shop this month, so check out your local store!). Plus, what's better than that feeling of satisfaction you get from streamlining your wardrobe?

To tackle this task head-on, get a motivation playlist together and try to make it fun by dancing along to your favourite tunes.

Once you've got your new streamlined capsule wardrobe, freshen it up with this fancy spray from Molton Brown, or these more budget-friendly wardrobe freshener sachets.

So there you have it - a cleaning plan to turn your house from grubby to gleaming. If you use any of these tips, please tag us in your social media so we can admire the results!