Storage Lancashire? - Predicted house price fall sees East Lancashire

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Storage Lancashire - Predicted house price fall sees East Lancashire families improve rather than move

15 Nov 2012 –– Self Storage

Storage Lancashire

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Families across East Lancashire are resorting to home improvements rather than seeking to move following last month’s announcement of a double dip recession.

Last month, economists predicted a sharp fall in house prices could be imminent, and Lancashire storage firm Store First believes this has led to a rise in consumers seeking storage solutions after clearing out cloakrooms, garage and attic spaces to create new rooms to improve their homes, as an alternative to searching for a larger property.

Converting downstairs cloakroom spaces into bathrooms and turning loft and garage spaces into extra bedrooms also helps to increase the value of a property, putting homeowners in a good position to sell their home when the property market improves.

Store First operations director Stuart Laverty said: “More and more families, couples and individuals are emptying rooms previously used as storage areas with a view to improving their homes for the future, creating more space and making it more appealing to future buyers.

“It’s often impractical to throw everything out, so seeking an external storage solution makes perfect sense. Our storepods come in all shapes and sizes, with prices starting from as little as £2.46 a week without the need to sign any long-term contract, so it’s a flexible and affordable answer to the problem.”

Storage Lancashire

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