Inside Store First: Mrs Bouquets

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Inside Store First: Mrs Bouquets

30 Aug 2022 –– Community

We've spoken to one of our business tenants who stores with us at Store First Burnley.

What is your business called?

We are called Mrs Bouquets.

What does your business do?

Event decor, venue dressing , balloons & party scenes, light up numbers & letters for all occasions.

Which Store First centre are you based at?

We're based in Burnley Store First.

How did you hear about Store First?

I heard about Store First via my Sister, who works for Group First.

Why did you decide to run your business from Store First?

We use our Store First unit to safely and efficiently store all events' decorations and supplies.

When did you move in/how long have you been at Store First?

We moved in in August 2021, so we have been here just over a year.

Which size unit do you have? Why did you choose that size?

We have a 165 sqft unit. We chose that size initially as it was big enough to store the stock.

What benefits do you get from operating from Store First?

Our most significant benefit of operating our business from Store First is that it is a large enough unit to store all our inventory easily, and we can access it anytime.

Would you recommend Store First to other businesses?

Yes. They have plentiful on-site parking and clean, secure facilities. The 24-hour access is ideal for getting to stock whenever we need to. The free use of trollies and moving equipment comes in handy too.