Doing DIY? Keep Stuff Safe with Self Storage in Barnsley

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Doing DIY? Keep Stuff Safe with Self Storage in Barnsley

02 Jun 2014 –– Self Storage

April and May see half the year’s Bank holidays crammed into just 6 weeks. The long weekends we all enjoy are often filled with attempts at DIY. In an attempt to save money rather than hiring a professional to ensure the work is completed properly we all tend to just have a go ourselves. Most people are happy enough with the results and so continue to complete their projects themselves. Hardware stores love that we all like to have a go as it means they can make more profit than just supplying to tradesmen.

DIY is Easier with Furniture Out of the Way!

We all love a bargain so taking this approach to limit costs seems like a good idea. What if the worst should happen? Picture the scene: you’re painting the living room and doing a pretty good job of it if you do say so yourself. One of the kids walks in and knocks over your paint can resting on your ladder. It all spills all over your pride and joy, the lovely reclining sofa from DFS (bought in the sale to keep down costs obviously). You think you’re safe; the dust sheets will do their job. The paint makes its way to the edge of the dust sheet and ruins your sofa. Calm down this is only an example of what could happen.

Keep Furniture Safe with Self Storage in Barnsley!

There is a better risk free way. Store your furniture safe and sound with self storage in Barnsley from Store First. Decorating is so much easier when you are not playing Tetris with your furniture while trying to move it all away from your feature wall. So why not make it easier with self storage in Barnsley? We offer half price deals for up to 12 weeks and can even transport your items in to storage for you, so there's no hassle of hiring a man and van. And costing as little as £10 for a weeks' storage, there's no need to worry about it costing a fortune either!

Give us a call today on 01226 817 817 today to see what Store First Barnsley can do for you, or check out our online price tool for an instant quote!