6 Easy Eco-Friendly Storage Tips For Your Home

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6 Easy Eco-Friendly Storage Tips For Your Home

05 Jun 2022 –– Tips & Advice

We’ve put together some eco-friendly organising tips in honour of World Environment Day on the 5th of June.

There are plenty of easy, eco-friendly ways to organise your home to help you stay on top of clutter, save money and reduce waste. It might be minor improvements, but these impactful changes can help you live a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Reuse glass jars and bottles

Instead of constantly recycling your glass jars and bottles, they can also come in handy as unique storage containers. Collect unusual designs and colours and spice up your kitchen. Use them for utensils, herbs and other ingredients. Jars are great for bathroom products too. Put some tall candles in the neck of bottles and give your home a warm, cosy feel. Once the candle has melted, clean off and reuse it. Bottles are also perfect to showcase dried flowers to give a rustic feel.

Keep shoe boxes for storage

Shoe boxes can make for handy small storage containers for storing craft supplies like pens and paintbrushes and even household spares such as screws and batteries. You'll save space in your drawers for other things, and shoeboxes can neatly live on top of a wardrobe out of the way. They're easy to paint and decorate if you want to blend them into your home decor.

Keep a basket near the door

We've all been there at the supermarket checkout when you suddenly realise you've forgotten to bring a carrier bag! Keep a basket near your front door filled with reusable spare bags that you can quickly grab when you're on the go, and you'll never find yourself having to pay for more plastic bags at the checkout.

Keep old fabric rags for cleaning

Old bits of fabric and worn textiles can come in handy as cleaning rags. They are ideal for cleaning spills, outdoor furniture, bikes and cars so you can wash and reuse them, saving you money and waste on paper towels and cloths too.

Keep and reuse gift packaging

Gift boxes, wine bags, tissue paper and ribbons can all be repurposed! If you’re crafty or just want to save money on gift packaging, keep ones you receive that are in good condition and reuse them for presents and you’ll never be caught short.

Plastic-free storage containers

Opting for more environmentally friendly storage such as jute, seagrass, and woven baskets, and bamboo crates - saves you from collecting lots of dust-harboring plastic containers. There are lots of stylish options when it comes to eco-storage and can blend with your home decor effortlessly.

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