We are the kids of COVID-19

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We are the Kids of Covid-19

13 Jul 2020 –– Latest News

We are the kids of COVID-19.

A poem by Store First Barnsley staff member, Danny, in aid of the NHS.

We are the kids of COVID-19,
Time’s like this we never have seen,
No school, no friends, no kisses from nan,
But we’re resilient, we’re tough, and beat this we can.

We are the kids of the great British lockdown,
Yearning for beaches but unable to leave town,
Our parents now teachers, siblings now classmates,
Desperate for parks, but confronted by locked gates.

We are the kids of the Coronavirus fear,
Mummy and Daddy worry, I see every tear,
They worry for us, for future untold,
Missed eduction, the outlook so cold.

We are the kids forced to distance from all,
Day after day stuck in these four walls,
Wondering when things will get back to before,
Where each day we have something else to explore.


We are the kids that will be remembered forever,
For being brave, for being strong, for sticking together,
For never complaining or breaking the rules,
Never demanding to see all our friends from our schools.

We are the kids who were part of the fight,
To rebuild this nation, to make us shine bright,
The ones who accepted what we were told to do,
To protect the NHS, the key workers, the old and vulnerable, and you.

We are the kids that have made you all proud,
We’ve had school with our parents, baked and laughed loud,
Stayed up late and ate chocolate and slept in every day,
And we’re making a difference, so this thing goes away.

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