Who uses self-storage and what do they store there?

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Who uses self-storage?

28 Jun 2018 –– Self Storage News
Who uses self-storage?

Self-storage has grown and grown in popularity over the past 10 years - but who is using it and what for?

We decided to delve into the world of self-storage units to discover what kind of customers we have and what kind of things they store in our large and modern self-storage centres.


One of the most obvious answers to the question of who uses self-storage is people moving house. After all, how many of us could do with a little extra space during a house move? Many people downsize and find themselves with simply too much stuff, while others realise that a lot of the items in their homes are not everyday essentials so opt to declutter by taking out storage.

There are other types of movers who are relocating and need to move their belongings to their new town ahead of time. Storage works well in this situation, as they can arrange for their items to be transported to the storage centre in their new location so everything is close by when it comes to moving day.

Don't forget, we offer a free pickup service which can prove extremely handy on moving day - it's one less thing to worry about!

Business storage customers

All kind of business customers turn to storage centres to store items, for many different reasons.

Large businesses may need archiving solutions for documents that are not needed on a day-to-day basis. Other firms may require a business address or storage facility in a satellite location, away from their main office or premises.

Many companies who have sales executives or business development managers on the road take out a storage unit to store stock in key locations. Store First is a great option for businesses in this situation, as we offer workstations and boardrooms to reps who have no business base. This means they can pop in to catch up on emails and hold meetings with local contacts at any time, and collect or drop off stock at the same time.

Our business customers love the fact we can accept deliveries on their behalf when they're not around - and the forklift comes in very handy for those larger items!

Over the years we've seen it all - right now we have hot tubs, antique carriages, slogan sweaters and festival flowercrown firms using our services and there's never a dull day!

Freelancers, startups and solo traders

Getting started in business can be tough and it's always a challenge separating your work and home life while trying to work from a cluttered kitchen table.

Freelancers, startups, solo traders and other "one man (or woman!) band" type business customers enjoy visiting our storage centres to have a coffee and chat with other like-minded people or our friendly team. While getting some work done in the process (who doesn't love free WiFi and printing?).


Collectors can often acquire wayyyyy too much stuff to fit in their homes. And that's where storage comes in very useful!

Whatever kind of weird or wonderful collectables you cherish, we can find the space to store them in air-conditioned and fully secure storage units so you don't need to worry about the kids ripping a valuable comic after mistaking it for the Peppa Pig magazine!

Students Storage

Heading home for the holidays and nowhere to stash your stuff until you move into your new shared house? Storage is a lifesaver for students in this dilemma - not to mention their parents, as it saves them the ordeal of driving to their uni town, loading up the car with their worldly goods only to bring them back to the new pad when termtime begins. Everyone wins!

Find your nearest storage centre

If you've found yourself in any of these situations and need storage fast, help is at hand! Find your nearest centre at www.storefirst.com/location and contact our friendly storage experts who will get you moved in in no time. We can't wait to meet you!

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