Top Tips For Storing Your Christmas Decorations

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Top Tips For Storing Your Christmas Decorations

02 Jan 2023 –– Tips & Advice

Nobody enjoys taking down decorations, but there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your Christmas decorations safe until next year.

Light storing made simple

You may want to simply store your lights and deal with them the following year, but trying to untangle them is one of the most frustrating aspects of decorating your tree! Instead, wrap your lights in pieces of cardboard to keep them from becoming tangled and you'll thank yourself in the future.

Store ornaments in clear bags

If you have various types of ornaments, try sorting them into clear sandwich bags to keep them organised and coordinated - even better if they’re different colours! It’ll be super easy to see them next year and pick which ones you want.

Shrink wrap your tree

If you keep your (fake) tree in the loft or garage, shrink wrapping it with cling film or plastic will protect its branches from becoming damaged and keep it clean and dry. Shrink wrapping your tree also saves you from having bulky boxes around. Once you’re ready to get it back out again, just slice up the side with scissors and fluff up the branches.

Salvage storage containers from around your home

If your original ornament boxes are dented disasters or you just forgot to save them, make use of any discarded egg and shoe boxes for ornaments and cardboard tubes for garlands and lights. Keep your decorations stored neatly and safe while reusing household items!

Seasonal self storage

If you have a lot of large outdoor decorations and lights that you struggle to keep in your loft or home storage, why not look into seasonal self storage? Pay only for the space you need for however long you need it, with no deposit or notice to vacate you can keep any bulky Christmas decorations out of the way until the next year!

If you’re looking for storage solutions outside of your home, get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help.