5 Benefits of Self Storage in Burnley

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5 Benefits Of Using Self Storage

16 Mar 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Save yourself some time, space, and energy with our top five benefits of using self storage.

Why should I use self-storage?

Along with taking the pressure off moving and providing an area to store things you haven't decided what to do with yet, there are several advantages to using self storage.

Transitioning between homes

Moving into a new house or apartment can be stressful and overwhelming. Packing properly and labelling everything before you put it into storage will make it easier for you to grab what is needed and move it when you're ready. A close-by self storage unit can be the middleman between your old home and your new one, as you can store your belongings in self storage gradually over time before moving day, so you don't have to do everything all at once. It's also ideal if the moving chain doesn't quite go to plan and you can't move in straight away! A self-storage unit can give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and protected while you wait.

Declutter your home

Having a big spring clean or sorting out that room you have been putting off can be daunting. With busy lives, it can be challenging to find the time and energy to do these things all in one go but having somewhere to safely store your belongings can help make the workload a little lighter! Making a plan for what needs sorting now and what can wait in storage is better than throwing something away that you may regret later. Putting your things into self storage can give you the space and time to declutter your home at your own pace.

Extra safety & security

If you have valuable belongings in your home, whether it's expensive equipment or family heirlooms, you may feel vulnerable to theft. Keeping them in one of our self-storage units can give you peace of mind with our state-of-the-art security, alarms, and monitored CCTV. You can rest easy that your belongings are safe with Store First.

Student self-storage

Are you jetting off on a gap year or volunteering abroad? Student self-storage can help keep your belongings safe and secure while you travel the world. It can also help as a handy stopgap if you are an international student returning to the UK after the holidays or if you're moving into smaller accommodation with less space.

Hold seasonal items

Skis, deckchairs, BBQs, golf clubs - seasonal items can take up a lot of space in the home when you don't need them all year round! Consider putting them into self-storage when they're not in use to save on space around your home. With 24/7 access to your storage at Store First, you can quickly grab and go whenever there's a sunny day, or you're heading out on an impromptu golf trip!

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