Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Space? Try Self Storage in Preston

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Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Space? Try Self Storage in Preston

07 May 2013 –– Self Storage

If you’ve acquired a few too many belongings over the years, which let’s face it many of us do, it can be difficult deciding what to keep and what to throw away. But inevitably there comes a time when your amount of available space minimises to pretty much nothing, and it’s time to face the truth: you need a clear out!

Safe and Secure Self Storage in Preston

Or do you? A lack of space doesn’t have to mean throwing belongings away. Rather than living with the frustration of an overcrowded living space, why not consider the option of a self storage facility? Choosing a store pod to suit your needs and securely storing your precious goods, spare equipment or even paperwork allows you to clear out space in your home without destroying or getting rid of your goods forever.

And who better to choose than Store First? Renowned across the nation for our reliable and fully equipped storage facilities, we are constantly opening new Branches across the country to allow people like you to store their property easily and conveniently. Our brand new self storage in Preston is due to open very soon, so if you’re in the Preston area and have run out of space in your home, don’t worry! Our facilities will be open before you know it and provide everything you need to store your stuff, from packaging equipment to 24 hour access, 7 days a week.

Don’t Throw Your Goods Away – Store Them!

You can rest assured that your goods are in safe hands with our self storage in Preston, because all of our store pods are individually alarmed with a burglar and smoke alarm, while the entire facility is covered by the latest CCTV to monitor any suspicious behaviour.
So if you’re suffering from a lack of space try our self storage units in Preston. Bespoke to your requirements with a low monthly fee and no contract, it’s the smart choice for your stuff!

For more details, email or call 01282 899 899.