Too Much Clutter for DIY? Let Store First Barnsley Help...

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Too Much Clutter for DIY? Let Store First Barnsley Help...

03 Jul 2013 –– Self Storage News

Are you looking to do a bit of DIY this summer?

A well-known hardware superstore has started a television advert campaign encouraging us all to make the most of our spare room.

Love Your Spare Room!

Store First Barnsley would like to back this idea and let all you budding DIYers know that we have a great range of self storage units available, ranging from 16 to 200 sq ft to suit practically any requirement. Those belongings that can’t be thrown away but need to be stored somewhere other than your newly transformed guest bedroom don't need to be stuffed in the attic, basement or any old available space; they can be kept in a secure, clean storage unit that is accessible whenever you need it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From Christmas decorations to important paperwork we all have that one room or cupboard at home that accumulates the possessions we have, but don’t use every day. With Store First Barnsley now open there's no longer an excuse!

Let Store First Barnsley Look After Your Clutter

Imagine how much easier decorating that room will be if all the household “junk” was safely stored away in our new Store First Barnsley storage units - and imagine how much better you'll feel knowing that it is covered by state of the art CCTV and is alarmed with both a smoke and burglar alarm.

Your new self storage unit is also the ideal place to store all your new DIY equipment once the project is complete (or while you get distracted with the BBQ) and you can rest safely in the knowledge that your goods are being kept safe for just £1 a week! (For the first 4 weeks).

For more details, email or why not give us a call today on 01226 817 817 and start that summer project you have been putting off.

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