What sets Store First apart from Self Storage competition?

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What sets Store First apart from the competition?

27 Nov 2014 –– Company News
What sets Store First apart

We have taken the opportunity to summarise what we feel sets Store First apart within the Self Storage industry.........

  • Honesty - for years the self storage industry has worked under a view of secrecy and half truths. Store First is changing the way that Self Storage is carried out in the UK. Our mission statement is to be the "honest broker" in the Self Storage industry. Our commitment to our customers is to always be honest about what we charge, what we do and how we do it.
  • Openness - to be truly honest with your customers you have to be open about your business. That is never more true than about the prices you charge. The self storage industry works on hidden and misleading pricing to extract as much as possible from its customers. Store First is the first and only self storage company to be truly and fully open about our pricing.
  • Pricing - Store First is the only self storage company to publicise its full prices online in a truly transparent and honest way. With our online price sliders its easy to compare our prices over sizes and rental periods. No one else allows you to do this and when they do publicise prices they do not include hidden compulsory additional costs such as insurance. How dishonest is that ? We never price match because we never have to. Our competitors will quite happily quote you much more than we charge and then massively discount to price match us. But remember they would happily have charged you much more if they could. Do you really want to use a company that will do that at any and every opportunity to do so ? Yes they will promise to match our prices after the initial discount periods, what they won't tell you is they will put those prices up at a whim, often 10% or more every few months. They work on the basis that once they have you they can get away with this due to the hassle of moving somewhere else. At Store First we have not increased existing customer prices in over 4 years of doing business. You can't get fairer than that.
  • Facilities - How often can you get the best product at the cheapest price. Well at Store First you can! We not only have the cheapest prices our competitors are forced to price match but we have the industries best facilities which they can't match. Yes they may have some nice stores but often the pictures they show are not the actual store you will use. Our website shows the actual stores and each has an overhead flyby so you can see exactly what we offer. All of our facilities are new simply cannot be beaten, offering FREE WiFi, FREE printing, FREE Gyms, Free Kitchen Facilities, FREE meeting rooms, the list goes on and one to the things you may take for granted like state of the art CCTV and security.
  • FREE Pickup services - think of this as a FREE chauffeured service for your goods saving you the cost and hassle of renting a van. No van rental, large insurance deposit, fuel or time pressure to get it back. Each of our Store First centres has its own dedicated van and driver to chauffeur your goods safely. We are the only self storage company to offer this service.
  • No Notice Periods - yes absolutely no notice required. Simply walk into our Self Storage centre and tell us you want to leave and you pay only until that day. Other companies will tell you you only pay for what you need but at Store First we really mean it. You can't get fairer than that.