These Eco Cleaning Products Will Help You Clean Like Mrs Hinch

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Eco Products To Help You Clean Like Mrs Hinch

23 Jan 2019 –– Tips & Advice
Clean Like Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch became an Instagram sensation last year for her viral cleaning tips. She took the social media world by storm thanks to her easy tips and affordable products. And while they did the job, how many of us felt uneasy about harmful chemicals used in the top brands? Lots of Hinchers want natural alternatives to Mrs Hinch's must-have cleaning products. So, we've looked into the best natural cleaning brands to help you hinch your home, the eco way.

1. Method

Method is an American cleaning brand using 100% plant-based ingredients in its range. They don't test on animals and all products come in recycled and recyclable plastic. Fans love their stylish packaging and design. But more importantly, the products work. Starting from £2-£3 for a cleaning spray, it's stocked in most supermarkets, with special offers available regularly to snap up Method for less.

The brainchild of childhood friends Adam and Eric, Method had the vision to create green cleaning products customers wanted to proudly display rather than hide under their sinks.

With an ever-expanding range which covers all cleaning needs as well as laundry, you can find a Method product to tick off every item on your #HinchHalfHour list!

2. Alkimi

British brand Alkimi uses natural ingredients like grapeseed fruit extract and orange oil to create planet-friendly products at its factory in Suffolk. All packaging is recyclable and there are no harmful chemicals in the products, so they're ideal for a Mrs Hinch inspired clean. The company doesn't test on animals. Its multi-purpose cleaner can be used all around the home. Plus, there are separate kitchen, bathroom and glass/window cleaners to tackle more stubborn stains or dirt.

Available from Amazon, Ocado and Booths, products retail at around £2.99.

3. Astonish

Astonish is a British brand offering vegan, cruelty-free and affordable cleaning products.

Its extensive range of 60 products covers kitchens, bathrooms, windows, floors, ovens - and even cars. There are specialist items, too, like an oven cleaner which works miracles. In fact, the oven cleaner is where it all began for the Yorkshire company. They started out selling it door-to-door!

Mrs Hinch loves Astonish cleaning products. And while they are not the most natural, it's the only UK-manufactured cleaning company to be approved by Cruelty-Free International, Vegan and Vegetarian Societies.

Pick up the Astonish cleaning range in most supermarkets, discount retailers and online.

4. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is an American company specialising in eco-friendly, natural cleaning products. All packaging is recyclable and dye-free. With natural, plant-based ingredients, Seventh Generation has been making cleaning products for more than 30 years.

Products are available from Ocado and Amazon.

5. Faith In Nature

Faith In Nature started life in the 1970s to make natural products at affordable prices. New York-born founder Rivka Rose set up the company after moving to Scotland.

Cruelty-free and vegan, Faith In Nature has a range of cleaning products, as well as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and shower gels available nationwide. Products can be bought in bulk to reduce packaging, or refilled at a number of independent shops in the UK. So check out what's on offer in your local area to see if you could reduce plastic usage in this way.

6. DIY homemade hinching

Of course, the most natural way to hinch your home is by making your own cleaning products. And it isn't as hard as you might think!

Mrs Hinch loves soda crystals, which are a natural product available cheaply in most supermarkets and stores. They can be used for all kinds of household cleaning, from unblocking sinks to removing tough stains. Find out how to use soda crystals in your cleaning regime on the Big Green Smile blog here.

Other natural ingredients that can be used to make cleaning products include vinegar, lemon, borax and baking soda. Check out this article on how to make an all-purpose cleaner from a few simple ingredients. Your home will be spotless in no time, with huge savings for your pocket too.

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