The Do's & Dont's of Renting Self Storage

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The Do's & Dont's of Renting Self Storage

24 Mar 2022 –– Tips & Advice

The Store First guide to do's and don'ts of renting self-storage gives you handy tips to keep in mind when using a self-storage facility.

Advice from Toby Whittaker Managing Director, Store First Ltd

The do’s of renting self-storage

Find a convenient location

Whether you're renting short or long-term, choosing a self-storage facility that is easily accessible and close to you is essential. If you're using it for business storage, find a unit close to your workplace or, for personal use, a storage centre close to home. A suitable location is ideal if you need frequent access to your unit; we offer 24/7 access to your storage when you book with us.

Storage unit size

Storage units come in many different sizes and it is essential to know how much space you will need - do you have large bulky items? or small bits of storage that will fit in boxes or stack easily? Calculate the right size unit that you need for your storage. We offer from 25sq ft, which is approximately the size of a small garden shed, up to 200 sq ft, similar to a double garage.

Create an inventory

Keeping track of inventory is the best way to stay organised, especially if you add or remove things often or use them for business storage. Keep it updated, know what is where and in what boxes or which shelf - don't forget to label! An inventory list will also help you easily calculate the size you need.

Pack properly

If they aren't packed appropriately, things might become damaged, broken, or perish over time while in storage. Think about what needs extra care when putting into boxes; fragile items might need bubble wrap, and fabrics may need mothballs and be stored in airtight containers, especially if they are being put away long-term. Pick up boxes and packaging materials to store safely with us.

Find a flexible lease

A flexible storage lease with Store First allows you to upgrade or downsize your storage area at any time with no hidden costs. You only want to pay for the space you use and the amount of time you need it. This flexibility means you can take a unit with no rent deposit or notice to leave either.

Take advantage of the on-site facilities

Extra facilities can enhance your self-storage time and get you the best value for your money. All our customers get 24/7 secure entry to your storage space and free WiFi, kitchen and break areas, and access to moving equipment like pallet trucks and forklifts to make moving in simple.

The don’ts of renting self-storage

Storing unpermitted items

Generally, most things are permitted and safe to store, but things that aren't authorised include perishable foods, ammunition, flammable materials, plants and animals.

Don't forget to lock your unit

We provide all our customers with a high-security padlock when you store with us! Although our facilities have state-of-the-art security and CCTV, always remember to lock up your unit after you leave.

Let anyone else access your storage

Unless you can trust someone, you should never share your key or access code with anyone else.

Leave your storage in a hazardous state

Never pack your boxes too high or too heavy; this can cause hazards when moving anything around and result in injury. Think about the placement of your items; anything fragile or weighty should have a visible label to avoid anything being broken or causing strain when lifting.

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