Supporting Our Customers: Using Self-Storage During Divorce &…

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Supporting Our Customers: Using Self-Storage During Divorce & Bereavement

27 Jun 2022 –– Tips & Advice

There are many reasons why people use self-storage facilities, but did you know that one of the biggest causes is divorce and the death of a loved one?

We're here to support you through this change and make moving and storing your belongings as quick and affordable as possible.


Many separating couples will be moving or selling a home during this time, and excess furniture and belongings may need to be stored out of the way if there is no space or one half is going into temporary accommodation.

Self-storage offers a short-term solution to get any excess belongings out of the way until you are sorted. Your items are stored safely in your unit with a free secure padlock that only you can access.


As well as coping with the emotional aspects of losing someone, you will most likely have to deal with some practical issues, such as their surplus belongings, furniture, and home appliances. Some items will need to be kept for future purposes and stored temporarily.

A short-term self-storage lease can give you the flexibility to shorten or extend your rental whenever needed, without any extra costs. Choose storage with no rental deposit required so you can keep costs to a minimum and only pay for what space you need.

Our friendly teams are here to help you in-store and on the phone. Pop in for a chat and a brew, and we can find the ideal storage solution for your needs.