Student surge at storage centre - Store First Self Storage Burnley

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Student Surge at Storage Centre - Store First Self Storage Burnley

15 Nov 2012 –– Self Storage

Self Storage Burnley

Storefirst self-storage Burnley reports....

An East Lancashire self-storage centre has seen a surge in customers as the region’s student population flocks home for the summer holidays.

Store First, which has self-storage centres in Blackburn and Burnley, has seen a significant rise in young people using its student storage pods to stash away belongings for the holidays after returning to parents’ homes from their university digs.

The company says its storage student customers all store away similar items, which can include clothing, electrical goods, textbooks, cookware and some furniture.

Stuart Laverty, operations director at Store First, said: “Students coming home from uni for the summer holidays are essentially in limbo as they move out of halls or rented properties and prepare to relocate to a new address in September.

“This means they come with a lot of excess baggage which parents can’t always find room for in the family home – especially in the current climate, which has seen more and more people downsize to smaller properties. Packing students’ possessions away in a safe environment is not only an affordable solution, it can also prevent many arguments over the course of the holidays!”

Store First offers safe and secure storage solutions for business and domestic customers, with storage units starting from as little as £2.46 per week.

Self Storage Burnley

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