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12 Jan 2013 –– Self Storage

Recently, in Blackburn, a 32-year-old man took his friend’s television while the owner was in the shower and sold it at Cash Converters. Blackburn magistrates heard the owner realised what had happened and dressed quickly and arrived at the shop before the deal had been done. He then told the assistant the set was his but while he was going home to get proof his friend was given £20 for the set. He was fined £70.00 with £105.00 costs. The magistrates made no order for compensation for Cash Converters who were £20.00 out of pocket.

With crime rates rising and an increasingly affluent society possessing more valuable items, the risk of theft is not to be taken lightly. The story above is a perfect example of how goods can be unsafe even in your own home, so it’s worthwhile considering other options for equipment and valuables that you want to keep secure.

Store First offer highly secured storage units with 24 hour access on CCTV for as little as £1 in your first 4 weeks! Offering competitive rental rates and various sized Storepods to suit your needs, Store First provide a secure location for all your goods and valuables, whether you want to ensure their security or just can’t find the space for them in your home.

When you invest in a Storepod from Store First you’re the owner; as the only person with a key and Title Deeds in your name, you can sell your Storepod at any time if you feel it’s no longer meeting your needs. Located in popular residential areas with views from main roads, Store First provide the ideal facilities to store your valuable goods, nationwide.

Store First… Thinking Outside The Box. Reserve a storage unit today for your valuable goods and you’ll be able to have a shower in your house with nothing to worry about.

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