Store First St Helen's Receives Heartfelt Letter of Thanks from the…

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Store First St Helen's Receives Heartfelt Letter of Thanks from the Royal British Legion

22 Nov 2023 –– Community

Royal British Legion extends thanks and recognition to St. Helens Store First

"Dear Johnpaul,

Just a quick note to say thank you and recognise how you and your excellent team at Store First St Helens have supported me and the Royal British Legion during Poppy Appeal 2023. As you well know the last couple of months and the months to come are a very busy time for me and the wider Legion.

I could not deliver what I do as efficiently or effectively without the support of Dan, Tom, and yourself, showing me the good grace, humility, and respect you all display, and what means more, is that I thoroughly enjoy the banter we share. Reminders about invoices and bills are always done supportively, and you take in my unexpected deliveries, storing them safely until my next visit to the facility.

On a personal note, I thank you all for taking time out of your busy days to check on my mental state and wellbeing, and occasionally, taking your turn of knocking up “the wets”. 
In these times of austerity, sometimes the point of difference we can make is not price, but the personal interactions we can have with customers, and sometimes businesses can overlook this important factor. This is not the case with your team, I truly believe you all go above and beyond, ensuring that a smile and a greeting are delivered every day, adding value to the business."

Thank you to the Royal British Legion for their kind letter of thanks and appreciation to our fantastic St. Helens team and for their hard work on the Poppy Appeal '23.