Store First Manchester to become a PokeStop?

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Store First Manchester to become a PokeStop?

02 Aug 2016 –– Community News
Store First Manchester to become a PokeStop

If variety is the spice of life, then Store First Manchester, in Trafford Park is very much alive!

Alongside the regular house movers and refurbishments requiring short to medium-term storage space, we have some more unusual clientele which may not initially spring to mind when someone says “self-storage”.

Craft Beer. Organic Protein. Comic Books. Cleaning Companies. Guitars. Telecommunications. Bouncy Castles… speaking of which…

Bounce ‘N’ Paints are one of our oldest customers, and it has been a thrill to see their business grow from our site. They provide everything from bouncy castles to photo booths, Nerf wars to obstacle courses and even a light up dance floor. They paid us a visit dressed as Santa and his elf last Christmas and you may even see a rodeo bull being moooved (sorry!).

As well as our love of being involved with the customers and businesses we have on site already, we aim to be part of the wider community, too. We have upcoming fun days in the pipeline and sponsorship of a local children’s football team to follow soon.

PokeStore... First?

Don’t ever let it be said that we aren’t down with the kids either; a wild Weedle appeared at Manchester Store First recently. And, as the latest craze, Pokemon Go, takes the world by storm, we have submitted a request to be a PokeStop. Would that make us a PokeStore? Watch this space.

Exciting times!

You’ll see our van on the streets of Manchester regularly as we are often out and about around Trafford and the local area, so make sure you give us a wave.

And if you're in the Manchester area and thinking of moving house, renovating or refurbishing a home or business, or looking for somewhere to base your business operations from that provides you with barrels of value and added extras, then contact Store First Manchester, today, on: 0161 244 8888.