Store First: Making Self Storage Simple and Affordable!

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Store First: Making Self Storage Simple and Affordable!

29 Apr 2014 –– Self Storage News

Once upon a time, in the not too dim and distant past, getting a price for affordable self-storage solutions wasn’t the easiest of tasks! On the outside it seemed a straight forward job. Have a look on the computer, check out various companies and see what they’ve got to offer and see their self storage prices.



Prices offered for self storage rental were straight forward enough. But then there’s the small print. “Does not include insurance”. “Does not include security deposit”……etc., etc.

So, I’ve got a price for rental. Where’s the price for security deposit, insurance and padlock? Searched their website but to no avail……it’s not on there. So, give them a call!

Avoid the Hassle of Self Storage...

Customer…….Hi, I’ve been looking on your web site and been quoted £108 per 4 weeks for a storage room, but it says I need insurance, and security deposit. Can’t see the prices anywhere on your site.

Sales assistant…….The insurance depends on the value of the goods. The security deposit is a month’s rental in advance. So, £2K insurance PW is an extra £16, added to your rental rate is £124 and your security deposit of £124 on top makes a total move in price of £232.

Customer……….Bit more than the price I was quoted on your website!!! What about a padlock? Is that included at least?

Sales assistant…….No. That’s an extra £12. So your total is now £244.

Customer…….So that’s the price I have to pay? No more?

Sales assistant……….Well there’s the VAT. That’s £48.80. So that’s a total of £292.80.

Customer……..You offer a pick-up service. Is that included?

Sales assistant……..Er, no. We actually use a third party service. He will bill you separately.

And so it goes on………and on……and on!

make self storage simple

Welcome to Store First, the company that’s broken the mould with a clear and transparent pricing structure.

No more wasting time on unnecessary phone calls. No more grinding your teeth in frustration. Store First are proud to be the first self-storage company to be totally user friendly.

Get an Instant Price for Self Storage Online!

self storage price

Using our newly designed web site, we’ve introduced an online storage price calculator. Simply slide the pointer to the desired size of the self-storage unit required (remembering to use our storage size comparison page) and type in the desired time you would like to store your goods…..

………and the price your shown is the price you pay. Not a penny more!

£2 for £2,000 worth of insurance included in the price...

Padlock included in the price...

No security deposit needed...

No VAT to pay...

Free pick up on our 8 week plus deals...

And we haven’t even started on the facilities we offer to all our customers! Such as……


Store First…………….You know it makes sense!

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