Store First offers up to £15,000 contents protection service included…

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Store First includes up to £15,000 contents protection service in price of self-storage

12 Mar 2018 –– Self Storage News
15k contents protection service included at Store First

Store First now offers customers up to £15,000 contents protection included in the price of self-storage.

Previously, individuals and business customers who took out self-storage enjoyed up to £5,000 contents protection. This was included in the price of storing their items.

However, we've taken this a step further! Why? Well, we are so confident about the quality and security of our buildings that we are happy to include up to £15,000 contents protection in our storage fee.

How will I know if contents protection is included in the price?

When you search for self-storage prices on the Store First website, the price you see will include up to £15,000 contents protection.

What is the contents protection service fee?

Contents protection guarantees goods in storage against risks like fire, insects or vermin, explosions and theft involving violence of the use of force.
So what happens in the unlikely event of any of these occur? Providing customers are up to date with payments, Store First will compensate you up to £15,000 if we have failed to prevent the loss or damage to your possessions, resulting from any risk which was within our control. We will do this by repairing or replacing goods.

How do I know how much the contents protection fee is at other storage companies?

Naturally, many customers like to shop around and compare self-storage prices. We get it - you want to make sure you get the best deal around. In fact, we don't blame you - we would do the same!
However, it's important to make sure other storage companies include compulsory charges like the contents protection service fee in the quote provided. This way, you can check if it's truly comparable to the single price you've received online or in-store.
Compulsory charges aren't much fun, so other storage companies may be reluctant to reveal any mandatory costs which will be added to your quote right at the end. So, it's down to you to keep asking and ensure you have a realistic quote on your hands. This will enable you to make an informed choice about the right storage centre for you.
Remember, Store First includes contents protection up to £15,000 in the price quoted, so there are no nasty surprises later on, but this isn't the case at other companies.
Please, always make sure you know exactly how much you're going to be paying before making a decision about the right storage centre for your needs.

Why do we include contents protection in the price of self-storage?

At Store First we believe honesty is the best policy! That's why we are totally transparent about our prices, what's included and how we keep your goods safe and secure.
Store First likes to keep things simple and straightforward for customers. We know self-storage can be confusing as it's a new thing for many of you. So, we aim to make everything clear from the outset.
We believe that including the contents protection fee in the simple price quoted makes it easier for you to understand how much you'll pay and what's included in that cost.
So, all of the prices you see when searching online on our handy price slider include the contents protection service fee.
And that's not all!

What else is included in the price of storing with Store First?

Contents protection isn't the only thing included in the price you'll see when searching for self-storage on the Store First website!

The simple price also includes a host of other customer benefits. These include free pickup, free wifi, use of kitchens, bathrooms, workstations and even gyms in selected centres! We also have boardrooms you can hire, staff trained in forklift and a delivery acceptance service.

And - mostly importantly - lots of free tea and coffee!

All facilities and benefits offered by Store First to self-storage customers are included in the price you see when you perform a search on the price page.

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