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How Store First helped Paul tour Asia

10 Jul 2014 –– Testimonials
Self-storage can come in handy if you go travelling

Customer Paul Anderson shares his experience of using self-storage while he goes travelling.

Paul Anderson says: “I am now currently touring Asia and have had to move all my house furniture into storage from my rented flat. Store First, from the first interaction, impressed me with their friendly but professional approach from finding me the unit size I needed, to store all my furniture to taking the stress away from my situation. I know I have no worries when away on my travels as Store First is a very secure and safe storage facility. Plus their self storage centres are manned every day of the week.

"They can provide everything you need from protecting your items when moving, the self-storage units vary in size and price and Store First provide storage of the highest quality. Whether you are looking to store large amounts of bulky items or small amounts furniture, Store First have the solution for you. They provide individually locked pods and state of the art CCTV and alarm systems. You are rest assured that your goods are in safe hands. Also providing a fully stocked store with packaging materials you will need from boxes and bubble wrap and everything in between.

"As a result this has helped me to not worry about anything whilst on my travels and be assured that when I arrive back home in 18 month time, all my goods will be in the exact same order as when I left them.

"What I wasn't expecting was a free pickup which meant the Store First manager Dave and assistant manager Chris came to my flat, packed all my furniture and took it to the store, all I had to do was simply drive to the store and secure my unit. I can honestly say that the customer service at Store First is unbeatable.

"As I am not back in the UK for some time the team take in deliveries on my behalf and store them in a holding unit which solves numerous logistic issues at no further cost to me. The most overwhelming feeling I have been given from the team is peace of mind which is priceless when I am exploring the other side of the world.”

Dave Marsden, Store First store manager commented: “Paul has benefitted from our competitive 26 week deal which was duplicated at the time to provide 12 months storage at a generous 30% discount for the total period.”