Store First Barnsley is Open!

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Store First Barnsley is Open!

14 May 2013 –– Self Storage News

We’re Open! Our first customers are utilising their pods. With fresh enquiries everyday it won’t be long until others join them.

Flexible Storage and Modern Facilties at Store First Barnsley

As a fresh faced new addition to the team here at Store First Barnsley, the first thing you notice about the facility is the sheer size of the place. Just a few minutes from the M1, you can see the building from the Dearne Valley Parkway. As you walk around the inside of the building the colossal size really hits home.

With self storage units ranging in size from that of a small shed to the size of a small flat there really is space to suit every need. Add that to the other facilities on site and its clear this is a state of the art self-storage Barnsley centre. With all the features and benefits available it’s easy to get excited about being involved with such a forward thinking company. From a new starters perspective it seems the company will grow and grow, so personal development and progression is a certainty at Store First Barnsley.

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