Self storage in Glasgow has never been easier

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Self storage in Glasgow has never been easier

05 Aug 2016 –– Self Storage News
Self storage in Glasgow has never been easier

Store First storage in Glasgow caters for business and personal storage customers and provides a whole heap of added extras!

Here at Store First Glasgow we are proud to say we are the largest self-storage facility in Europe. We have over 3,200 storage units, or ‘pods’ as we call them, spread over 4 massive floors.

We are literally 5 minutes from Glasgow Airport and are directly under the flightpath. So, if you need storage and want to indulge in a spot of plane-spotting, then this is the place for you.

It has been calculated that we could hide the whole population of Paisley in our store. Some people may say that would be no bad thing, but I would have to disagree!

We have a huge mixture of people storing with us, all with their own individual reasons for needing self-storage. One of our customers is a school teacher, but also runs a sound-system-hire business from the largest unit we have. He does sound set-ups for festivals, theatre, PA systems etc. and comes and goes at all hours of the day and night. Our 24 hour access is vital to his business.

Another customer is the Scottish representative of a company producing very advanced dummies for universities and teaching hospitals used to train medical staff. It can sometimes look rather odd on our CCTV cameras when you see him carrying a body out to his car!

We have units that are capable of holding a car and have several stored with us, including a classic 1964 Sunbeam Tiger, which is a small sports car with a big V8 American engine. And for all the petrol heads out there, it made a lovely noise when it came in!

You may think it would be a boring place to work, but not so, every day brings a new and interesting cross section of people, all with their stories to tell.

We house many local businesses as well as people who need short, medium or even long-term personal storage. So if you need storage for any reason, business or personal, give Store First Glasgow a call today to see what we can do for you.

0141 250 7777