Self Storage: A Great Choice for Shopaholics!

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Self Storage: A Great Choice for Shopaholics!

13 Jun 2014 –– Self Storage News

As a woman and self-confessed shopaholic, I can agree with anyone that says you can never have too many shoes and handbags. Men don’t seem to understand the women’s mind set of having a bag to match a pair of shoes, both of which need to compliment the outfit you have carefully selected for the day. The downside to this habit however is the ever growing closet of clothes, shoes and bags.

You Never Know When Styles Will Come Back!

Some people have the idea of throwing an item away every time you purchase something new. But to me that seems crazy! It can take years for you to build up your collection of arm candy, and you never know when those designer shoes you haven’t worn for 5 years will come back into fashion! However there is only so much space in your full to bursting wardrobe and clothes ridden loft that you can use. Before you know it your house is overrun with your latest purchases that you could not leave in the shop, because they were too much of a ‘bargain’.

With all this said you are left with the question of what happens now? Do you try and find the will power to get rid of some, or kindly donate to charity? Or do you carry on storing your worldly possessions at home? And before you know it your house looks like the next flagship Topshop store!

Don't Get Rid - Use Self Storage Instead

Well how about scrapping both of those ideas! Why rent out a self storage unit from the Gucci of self-storage companies Store First? With pods from as small as a telephone box to the size of a small flat, and prices that won’t break the bank, we could be the saving grace you have been looking for. So why not give us a call today on 01226 817817, and see how we can help with your ever-growing shopping obsession!

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