Retro Gaming at Store First Blackburn

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Retro Gaming at Store First Blackburn

31 Aug 2016 –– Testimonials
Retro Gaming at Store First Blackburn

Retro Games Party is one of Store First’s largest customers and has become a premier supplier of classic and contemporary arcade games to industry for film & TV, public events, corporate hire and private parties - a fast growing accoutrement for weddings to augment the reception entertainment. Store First Blackburn have helped them grow their business with speed and agility.

Formed in 2010, initially intending to promote smaller events but quickly becoming involved in game hire they have grown from nothing to over 150 original machines and over 200 others that can be placed in generic cabinets. Their games stock covers almost every well-known game from the mid/late 70s through to the 90s and beyond - their specialty is in what people call the "golden era" from 1978 to 1986.

Starting small and growing quickly carries the burden of needing more space at very short notice. Retro Games Party quickly outgrew their home base, took a second apartment, moved through various storage solutions, and are now finally settled with Store First in Blackburn.

Choosing Store First was a logical next step, as having the ability to rapidly expand their storage needs on demand was hugely important to Retro Games Party. Meaning they don't have to move buildings every time they grow, they just open a new storage pod. Currently they occupy 1750sqft and are still growing - it's like having their own depot and staff but without the building overheads that come with that.

Retro Games Party regularly despatch games to events across the UK and make use of the loading bay and all the facilities available. Our staff willingly help them unload containers of games that they have imported for their stock, from all over the world.

Retro Games Party's regular clients include Replay Events, Game Republic, IPlayGaming, NERG, HackManchaster, EMF Camp, Rapid Miner and have worked with Endemol UK for an Episode of Black Mirror as well as various single game spot hires for TV daytime shows and news coverage.

As well as a hire facilitator they are a full repair, refurbish and consultation service providing technical backup to other leisure industry amusement companies.

Retro Games Party also has growing sister companies in Audio/Visual hire and install and Video production.

If you have business or personal storage needs in Blackburn and like the sound of the service and extra facilities that Store First can provide you with, then get in touch today on: 01254 433 202.