Why do I need to take out self-storage when moving house?

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Do I need storage when moving house?

18 Apr 2018 –– Tips & Advice

Advice from Toby Whittaker Managing Director, Store First Ltd

How can self-storage help you move house? We take a look at the reasons so many people choose to take out storage when they're on the move.

Why do people use self-storage during a house move?

Anyone who has bought a house knows how stressful it can be! With so many factors at play in a chain, it feels like a miracle it ever comes together. Solicitors, surveys, insurance and movement of funds all conspire against you. So it's hard to set a moving date that works for everyone.

Plus, factor in roping in friends and family to help and organising childcare - it's no surprise sometimes moving dates don't match up. In this situation, people can find themselves in between homes. Sofa surfing or returning to their parents' house, impatiently awaiting moving day, is very common for movers.

If this happened to you, what are the chance there would be enough space in your parents' garage for all your worldly goods? Slim to none? Well, now we start to see why people take out self-storage during a move. After all, it's a stress-free way to tide you over in the interim period between homes.

And the stress of moving house isn't just confined to those buying a house.

When people move from one rented property to another, there's often a period in between tenancies. Renters must find a place to stay before they can settle into their new home. Again, a short-term self-storage solution can prove to be handy.

Depending on circumstances and available properties, renters can also find themselves moving from unfurnished to furnished properties. When this happens, people can find themselves with nowhere to store unwanted furniture. Self-storage can provide a useful solution to this problem.

What are the benefits of taking out storage when moving house?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a storage option during a house move.

Free moving truck

Many companies offer a pickup service to help you transport items into storage. Make sure you do your research and check what charges are applicable for this service, as some companies hire vans and pass fees onto customers. Store First has its own vans, so each centre's team can carry out free pickups to help customers move in. Our free pickup service is popular with customers, as it's available to anyone who signs up to a minimum of eight weeks. In the midst of packing up everything you own, the offer of a free moving truck with your self-storage could prove to be a lifesaver.

Safe storage

There may be a little room in someone's garage or cellar for that extra sofa or bed you don't need for now. But do you really want to risk costly items being subjected to damp, insects or damage? Taking out storage during a move ensures it's all stored in a fully secure, climate controlled and clean environment, protected from any of the risks associated with storing items in the garage.

Flexible leases

Moving house is unpredictable, so when you look into self-storage it's important to find a company that offers flexible leases. You may think you only need to store things for a week, but things don't always go to plan!

Store First offers customers flexible leases, from just seven days storage up to long-term solutions to suit customers' varying needs and situations. In fact, there's no maximum period to store your items, so we can look after everything for as long as you need us to (this works well for customers who move overseas and require storage for an indefinite period of time).

What's more, we don't require any notice period for you to vacate your storage unit. We believe in honesty and openness, so we don't want you to pay for space you don't need, so as soon as you're ready to go, you are free to end your lease with us. All you need to do is tell us when you'd like to vacate and you will pay to that day. The only instance where this isn't the case, is if you've opted to prepay for 13 or 26 weeks in advance.

24-hour access

Storing your spare bed in your granny's garage may seem like a great idea, until you suddenly need to retrieve it at 11pm after a long day of moving house - not a great time to start banging around, waking up the neighbours and risk someone calling the police because you appear to be a suspected intruder. Similarly, if you rely on friends to store your items, only to discover they've jet off on holiday the weekend you're set to move into your new home - denying you access to your beloved things - you can find yourself in a real quandary.

When customers use a self-storage option to store items during a house move, they can access them 24-7 at a storage facility like Store First. After all, we understand that moving house can feel like a neverending job, so it's crucial you can get your hands on your stuff at a moment's notice!

Plus, our friendly team will always make you a coffee when you arrive to drop off or collect your goods for that essential caffeine fix, without you feeling obliged to stay and make polite conversation like you might with friends and family!

£15,000 contents protection included

Storing valuable items with friends or family may be free, but is it really safe? And even if you choose self-storage when moving house, how do you know if your items in storage will be protected? When choosing a self-storage company, always ask about contents protection and find out exactly how much is available, and what it will cost. Some companies will add this on after your quote is provided, adding up the cost of your self-storage to much more than you first thought.

At Store First, we include £15,000 contents protection in our self-storage fee, so you know your items will be fully safe and secure and you won't be subjected to any hidden costs or nasty surprises on moving day!

Get a quote for self-storage during a house move

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