Musicians are Sorted with Reliable Barnsley Self Storage

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Musicians are Sorted with Reliable Barnsley Self Storage

23 Sept 2013 –– Customer Case Studies

A guitarist from legendary Accrington band The Itch is lucky to be alive after being electrocuted whilst warming up for their gig. A freak surge of power was quickly turned off by fellow band members and Colin Benmore’s life was saved. After 20 years together The Itch have experienced many situations but none as scary as that. In the North West we are justifiably proud of all the talent that showcase their repertoires at pubs and clubs all over the region.

Store Your Valuable Items in Secure Barnsley Self Storage

At Storefirst we have a number of musicians who store their drums, amps, speakers and instruments. With 24 hour access they know they can turn up in the early hours following a performance, put their equipment back into storage, safe in the knowledge that the self contained units are protected by high security locks and CCTV, and that access is only granted by a programmed fob and facial recognition.

With Barnsley self storage from Storefirst it's never been easier to store your goods and valuables. Whatever time of day or night you need your stuff, you can just call on down to our secure, well-lit storage facility and drop off or pick up whatever you need. Each storepod is individually fitted with a burglar and smoke alarm which are directly linked to the emergency services.

Self Storage to Suit You at a Great price

Our great value Barnsley self storage is tailored around you. Whether you need 10 sq ft of storage space or 200 sq ft, our storage facilities can cater for your requirements. You can store your stuff for as little as one week and there's no tie in contract; just give us a week's notice before you want to leave and that's all you need to do!

Why go anywhere else for Barnsley self storage when Storefirst offer hassle free, secure self storage units for £1 a week for the first month? If you'd like to know more please email, or pop into our Barnsley branch for a chat, a cuppa and a tour of the facilities.

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