The definitive guide to Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning products & equipment

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The definitive guide to Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning products and equipment

25 Sept 2018 –– Tips & Advice

If you haven’t heard of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, where have you been?

Cleaning-mad Essex girl Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, has swept the nation with her love of keeping her home spick and span. She has clocked up hundreds of thousands of Instagram fans as the #HinchArmy fast approaches a million avid followers.

Making cleaning fun and light-hearted, Mrs Hinch has inspired a nation of cleaners to feel better about their homes and themselves. In fact, she has even spoken openly about how cleaning has helped her tackle mental health issues and inspired others to do the same.

Here at Store First, we love a bit of cleaning and we are devoted to keeping your storage units in tip-top condition. So, we decided to do a round-up of essential “Hinch Haul” products. Here, you can see them all in one place and find out where to get your hands on them all. Plus, see what kind of storage solutions can help you keep them all stashed safely.

Minkeh – the anti-bacterial washcloth

First and foremost, Minkeh. The humble washcloth that has sold out across the UK, thanks to the Hinch effect. This double-sided microfibre cloth from Rochdale-based household goods specialist Minky has become the most sought-after product on the internet. That’s the power of the #HinchArmy!

But what exactly is a “minkeh”? It’s an anti-bacterial microfibre cleaning pad with high density, anti-scratch technology. And it happens to be Mrs Hinch’s favourite piece of cleaning kit. Currently out of stock, Minky is working on restocking it to Amazon ASAP.

Minkeh is perfect for “washing up or wiping down” – what more could you want from a cleaning product?

Just make sure you hold on until it’s back in stock for a reasonable £2.50. It’s currently topping £29.99 on eBay!

Buddy and Brian – the Spontex cloth duo

Luckily, Buddy and Brian – Mrs Hinch’s trusty kitchen microfibre clothes – are in stock. In fact, you can pick up a pack at your local supermarket or discount store for £3.50. They are your go-to duo for tackling grease and stains on sinks and worktops, leaving your kitchen spotless!

Vera – the Vileda spray mop

Good old Vera is a microfibre flat spray mop (almost literally) sweeping the nation, thanks to the Hinch Army. This nifty little mop from Vileda sprays water onto the floor as you mop. Plus, its microfibre pad makes it ideal for laminate or wooden floors. You can bag your very own Vera for £29.99 here, with the cleaning spray and refill pads costing extra.

Stewart – the sonic scrubber

Why didn’t we realise how much we needed a giant toothbrush to add to our cleaning kit?! Now we’ve seen Mrs Hinch in action with her, we’re sold. You can pick up Stewart on Amazon for around £35.

Zoflora – the disinfectant

Let’s face it, how many of us considered putting our kitchen to bed before Mrs Hinch showed us the way? Zoflora has been flying off the shelves ever since Sophie introduced us to its irresistible scents and bacteria-fighting properties.

Once you’ve washed up and cleaned down your kitchen the final time each day, pour some soda crystals down the plug hole, boil a kettle and add a capful of your favourite Zoflora to the sink, throwing in your cloths to give them a disinfecting “bath”. By morning, your kitchen will have filled with the fresh, clean scent and your sink and plughole will be thoroughly disinfected, ready for the day ahead.

Cif Cream Original with Microcrystals – the all-purpose cleaner

One of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products is an old favourite with a twist. Cif Cream Original is now packed with millions of teeny limestone-derived microcrystals, which work hard to eliminate all household dirt and create a gleaming shine on your home surfaces. A small squirt removes even the toughest dirt, like hardened grease, mud caked onto shoes and grubby wall marks.

Use this hero product for your hob, sinks, tiles, bath and shower. It will equally come in handy for garden furniture and play equipment, too.  Simply apply a small amount to your surface using a damp cloth, then wip over and rinse away.

Toilet Duck – everyone’s favourite toilet cleaner

Pine has never been such a popular scent as Mrs Hinch has encouraged her diehard fans to stock up and store this classic Toilet Duck product in their droves. Fortunately, it’s another budget-friendly cleaning product we are happy to add to our growing collection.

Unstoppables – in-wash scent booster

Our washing has never smelled better since we took Mrs Hinch’s top tip to add these scent-boosting beads to our washing machines before putting on a load. What can we say, other than #MrsHinchMadeMeDoIt!

We love the fresh scent, have you tried any of the others?

What kind of storage works best for cleaning products?

By now, you’ll have discovered Mrs Hinch has a dedicated storage space for her cleaning stash. Dubbed “Narnia”, her wardrobe turned storage unit, located in her garage, is an exclusive storage space she uses to store all of her beloved cleaning kit. We have to say, that’s a dream storage solution right there!

Many of us don’t have the luxury of a full #Narnia to use for cleaning product storage alone, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be rapidly running out of storage space under the sink for your newfound essentials! Especially if you’ve been stocking up on all the latest offers on cleaning products from discount stores like B&M Bargains, Wilko and Poundstretcher.

If you’re looking for storage solutions for cleaning products, you need to make sure it’s somewhere cool, dry and out of reach of children. And as we realise not everyone can turn a garage wardrobe into a cleaning product storage space as their cleaning obsession takes over the home, why not open up your own Narnia in a storage unit here at Store First?

We have plenty of room for you to stock up and store your favourite cleaning products safely until you need them. With 50% off your first 12 weeks self-storage and free pickup (from wherever you have completed your ultimate #HinchHaul!), we have got you covered! Contact your local centre if you need self-storage for cleaning products. Our friendly team will be happy to share the load!

So, over to you! Have you tried any of Mrs Hinch’s favourite products yet?  What are your favourite Mrs Hinch inspired cleaning tips?

Pics: @mrshinchhome_x_

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