Moving House? Let Leeds Self Storage Ease the Stress!

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Moving House? Let Leeds Self Storage Ease the Stress!

05 Mar 2014 –– Self Storage News
Moving house

Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful occasions that anybody can go through. Viewing new properties to live in is the easy bit, sorting the mortgage isn’t as easy and if anything goes wrong it may seem as if the sky is falling upon your head!
One of the most upsetting things for anyone is being in a chain of property buying and you find you have to vacate your property but the house you’re moving into isn’t yet vacated! This means having to move into relatives, or onto friend’s sofas, possibly having to split the family while your housing problems get solved.

One of the main things you will have to ask yourself is…..”Where am I going to put all my stuff till its sorted?” There’s always the possibility of using Aunt Agnes’ garage but are you going to sleep easily knowing it’s not the most secure place in the world? There’s also the possibility of mice and their little friends looking for somewhere nice and snug to spend the cold days in.

The simple answer is Leeds self storage from Storefirst!

Store First is based in Hunslet Leeds and is the first place to visit should you require self storage in Leeds. Hunslet is one mile outside Leeds city centre and easily accessible next to the main motorway arteries such as the M1 and M62/M621.

Our staff are trained to make your life that little bit easier. We can’t go round to the house you’re waiting to move into and evict the people living there. Nor can we make Cousin Dave’s sofa that you’re currently having to sleep on any less lumpy. What we can do is remove the stress and heart ache involved of where you’re going to store all your beloved belongings that have taken years of hard work and money to accumulate by placing it into secure Leeds self storage.

If you think we are another run of the mill Leeds self storage facility, think again. We can offer a free pick up service which in itself saves hassle of having to pay for a hire van and having to work around good old cousin Dave’s work hours so he can give you a hand!

Enjoy Great Facilities with Self Storage in Leeds

Leeds self storage has never been so easy! Simply give us a call and we can remove the stress over storing all your goodies. Not only can we collect your stuff, we also offer free use of a gym to all our customers to work off all the stress. Also included are work pods with free Wi-Fi should you need to catch up on paperwork if Cousin Dave’s not got a decent internet connection. You can even top up on your caffeine fix using our free tea and coffee making facilities in our break out area while doing so….(though you’re going to have to bring your own biscuits, we like Jaffa cakes!).

Your nights on Cousin Dave’s sofa will be that little bit easier when you’re confident that your stuff is safe in Leeds self storage due to our 24Hr monitored CCTV. And when little Jades not sleeping because you’ve packed up her favourite Peppa pig in storage, that’s when our 24 hour access comes into play. A good night’s sleep for all involved.

So, make your life that little bit less stressful when moving house. Call Store First on 01133 509776 for reliable and safe self storage units in Leeds. Storefirst offer competition beating prices and discounts for long term storage solutions. We’re your professional first port of call for all your storage needs in Leeds.

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