Moving house checklist

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Moving house checklist

31 Jan 2020 –– Tips & Advice
What to do before and after moving day

Moving house may seem stressful, but a little organisation goes a long way. Our moving house checklist is your go-to guide to moving house like a pro.

Read on to find out what to pack, when to pack it and everything else you might forget in the process of moving house.

Your next house move will be a breeze if you take heed of our simple advice!

What to remember when moving house

There are so many things to remember when moving house, where do you start? We’ve put together a timeline to help you stay prepared at each stage of your move.

Eight weeks before you move house

Once you’ve found your new home, you should have around eight weeks until the move actually takes place. Use this time to organise your mortgage and solicitor, as well as house surveys, then you can set the wheels in motion. Often, these processes seem to drag on forever, so getting them started as early as you can gives you a headstart.

If you’re moving to a new or unfamiliar place, research the area to make the necessary preparations for your move. This may involve changing your children’s schools, applying for new jobs, sorting out your new commute or finding a new gym, dog walker or cleaner.

Two months before you move, it’s also smart to look into your current home insurance policy. See if it covers you for a move, and if not, search and compare policies to insure you in your new property.

Six weeks before you move house

Now is the time to start planning the move itself. Check out local removal companies and book them in if you have your moving date.

If you’re going to be in temporary accommodation in between homes, it’s time to research local self-storage facilities to keep all of your belongings safe during the interim period. You may also need to look into finding long-term storage solutions if you’re downsizing (or just decluttering ahead of the move).

In fact, decluttering is a wise move at this stage, as you’ll want to streamline your possessions and only pack up things you really love or need. Moving house can be the ideal time to get rid of items you haven’t used, admired or worn for years, or at least store them away until you might need them again.

Start to make a list of everything you have to pack, then order some boxes, tape and other packaging materials so you’re not caught short at the last minute.

Four weeks before you move house

Getting closer to the move means it’s time to finalise arrangements. Once you’ve got a fixed date for the move, let your removal company know and book in any storage you need.

Plan moving day carefully, taking into account what you’ll pack where. For example, you may be packing a removals van full of furniture, but make sure you have a box of essentials in your car. You know, for that essential first cup of tea in your new home!

If there are any updates you’re planning to make to your new home as soon as you move in, like new carpets, curtains or blinds, book these in now so everything is in place to run smoothly in the first week of living there.

Finally, get in touch with your gas, electricity, broadband, insurance and TV providers to organise any changes to your account, so you’ll be up and running quickly in your new home.

A week before you move

It’s time to get packing!

Pack up boxes according to room, so you can easily work out what goes where when you move in. And don’t forget to label every box for easy unpacking!

Get all of your keys together, remember any spares you’ve handed out to friends, family, cleaners or dog walkers.

Eat up everything in the fridge and freezer, then defrost them both before you leave. Tins and dried goods are fine to take with you, but you may want to consume most of your stock cupboard foods too, to minimise the amount of stuff you need to pack up and transport on moving day. Who knows, you may come up with some genius new recipes as you’re using everything up!

Contact the post office to arrange for any mail to be redirected to your new address - the new tenants in your old home will thank you for this one!

The day before you move house

Exciting times, you’ll be in your new home tomorrow!

Charge up your mobile and pack up any final items, remembering to leave a night bag with anything you’ll need for tonight and the morning, like toothbrushes, pyjamas and a couple of towels.

What to do the day you’re moving house

Moving day is finally here!

First up, do some final meter readings and take a picture of your meters so you have proof of the readings on the day you left.

Next, remove all bedding and pack it up to take to the new house.

Now, all that’s left to do is pack up the car, close all the windows, switch everything off, do a final check and set off to your new home!

Make sure you have copies of all paperwork handy for when you arrive at your new property, so you can easily access anything you may need.

Hopefully, by planning ahead your move will run smoothly and unpacking your new home will be a fun and stress-free process.

When you arrive at your new home, unpack your essentials box and get the kettle on, as it’s going to be a long day of shifting and sorting.

Read all of the meters here, and take pictures to keep a record for the utility companies.

All that’s left to do now is get cleaning and unpacking, so you can start enjoying your new home!

Top tips for moving house

  • Rope the whole family in - by labelling up boxes, you can give everyone their own boxes to pack and unpack, and let children be responsible for arranging their new bedrooms (within reason!)
  • Post a note through your new neighbours’ doors to introduce yourself - it’s a great way to break the ice and make some new friends you may need to rely on in the near future!
  • Take a picture of your TV and phone cables before you unplug them. This will save you a major headache on the other side!
  • If your front door locks behind you, put a rubber band around it on moving day as you’re running in and out, to prevent anyone from locking themselves out or fumbling around for keys

We hope these tips help you move house without stress, and embark on an exciting new chapter in your new home. If you have any more tips to share, please comment on our social posts!