Meet the Team - Preston's Store Manager Rob

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Meet the Team - Preston's Store Manager Rob

31 May 2022 –– Meet the Team

We spoke to Preston Store Manager, Rob, and found out a few things that make him tick (and those that don't!)

What's the best sandwich?

Toasted Club Sandwich

What's the one thing you really should throw out?

A 1980s Preston North End T-Shirt

Apples or Oranges?


Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?

Yes, Willie Thorne, the professional snooker player

What do you think happens when we die?

Nothing, it’s over, that's it

Favourite action film?

Don't watch many films, I'll say Back to the Future

Least Favourite Smell?

Cow pats

Exercise, worth it?


Flat or sparkling?


Aisle or Window?


Most used app on your mobile phone?

Sky Sports

What number am I thinking off?


Describe the rest of your life in 5 words?

Family, Relaxation, Sport, Security, Happiness