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Looking for Self Storage Preston?

19 Apr 2013 –– Self Storage

Self Storage Preston for Individuals and Businesses

These days we are encouraged from all angles to own the latest possessions and gadgets. It seems that the amount of possessions and items you own reflects your standing in society – and everyone wants to be seen as being well off!

While owning plenty of possessions is all well and good, there will no doubt come a time when you begin to run out of space for all your items – especially if you have trouble throwing older goods away! That’s where Store First self storage Preston comes in.

Brand New Facilities at Storage Preston

Our brand new storage centre in Preston is due to open before the end of next month and is equipped with the latest facilities to cater not just for those of you that want to store your extra clutter but also for businesses too. Providing state of the art boardrooms, presentation facilities including wifi, kitchen facilities, customer toilets and much more – all available to you when you use our storage in Preston.

Store First have helped a number of small businesses to thrive with the excellent facilities available. The variety of store pods we have to offer are perfect for storing extra stock, paperwork and equipment that would otherwise take up a substantial of space in business premises – which can’t always be spared.

Secure Storage, Unlimited Access

With self storage Preston, you have unlimited access to your goods at any tie of day or night – any day of the year. While we provide easy access for customers our security is second to none; our entire storage facility in Preston is fully monitored by the latest CCTV systems, and each store pod is protected with its own individual smoke and burglary alarms.

What’s more, all goods stored in self storage Preston are required to be insured by our dedicated policy so in the unlikely event that your goods are damaged, you’re fully covered for the cost.

Find out more about our business storage solutions by contacting us at info@storefirst.com or calling 01282 899899.