Lifesaving Fire Training at Burnley Self Storage Units!

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Lifesaving Fire Training at Burnley Self Storage Units!

03 Mar 2014 –– Community News

Burnley firefighters from Lancashire Fire Service descended upon Burnley’s branch of Store First storage facility to carry out a routine inspection. Firefighters asked if they could use one of our buildings the following day to perform vital lifesaving training. The senior fire officer said that the corridors and layout of our storage pods would be a great challenge for the firefighters and great practice for them. We were only too happy to help.

Fire training at Burnley self storage units

The training exercise consisted of the firefighters wearing their breathing apparatus and protective clothing, to simulate a real life fire. A dummy was placed in the building in one of our 205sqft storage pods to represent a real life person in danger. The firefighters then had to search the numerous pods, on different floors to locate where the dummy was hidden. The firemen and women wore bags over their heads to represent the lack of vision that they would face from smoke and flames, in the event of a real life fire. Two engines were present and hoses traipsed across the car park into the building via the fire exits and loading bays, simulating a real life emergency.

The training exercise was a huge success and they are planning to come back in the near future to extend their training and knowledge of the building. This is fantastic for the store and we are only too happy to help. We’re not just useful for convenient great value self storage in Burnley – we’re great for practising firefighters too!

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