Is your garage bursting at the seams?

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Is your garage bursting at the seams?

15 Jul 2021 –– Tips & Advice

If you’re fortunate enough to have a house with a garage, are you making the most of this valuable space? Do you store your car in it, utility items like freezer and clothes dryer, or is it piled up with furniture and boxes you just don’t have room for in the house?

Surely the sensible thing to do is to park your valuable car in your garage, the thing they were designed for. However, a recent survey by the RAC of 2,138 UK motorists has found that 53% of drivers with garages never put their cars in them, and 68% of those say this is because they have too many other items in there.

Here at Store First we’ve found that people use our safe, clean and secure storage to store items such as golf clubs, DIY tools, and boxes of household items that aren’t needed every day. Is it time you had a clear out? Declutter, keep the things you really need and hire yourself a storage unit for the rest.

That way your valuable possession – your car – can go in the place it was meant to go, rather than on the driveway or street. Maybe you could find another use for your garage – convert to an extra bedroom, make a cinema room or home office, or even a home gym!

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