Introducing: Will Hopwood - Storefirst Manager, Liverpool Branch

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Introducing: Will Hopwood - Storefirst Manager, Liverpool Branch

02 Aug 2021 –– Meet the Team

My name is Will Hopwood and I am a store manager for Storefirst, Liverpool. I started working here about five years ago as a general assistant.

Getting to know the site

The site is 64,000sqft in total. That’s over two buildings with two floors and there are around 970 units. They vary from 275sqft which is the largest unit, all the way down to 25sqft.

We have a lot of customers who have businesses that run out of their units. For example, we have one lady who makes chopping boards out of resin and fancy wood. We have other customers who have set up clothing shops, where they started off in one of our units, built up and now they’ve got a store in Liverpool centre.

We do have additional facilities, so we have customers who use our facilities like the boardrooms and pod offices for their marketing meetings. We also have kitchen facilities and breakout areas, where we have tea and coffee available for the customers to use whenever they are here.

In terms of access, this is a great location. We are straight off the M62, you come down the expressway and then we’re the first port of call as you get into Liverpool which is great.

No hidden costs

The price we quote you is what you pay. There are no hidden costs, so everything is included in the price when you come with us. You get your £15,000 content protection, 24/7 access and a high-security padlock, while no rental deposit is required and you don’t have to give us notice to leave which is always great.

We also offer a free pick-up service which not many other businesses will offer, where we’ll go to your property in a van, you do the loading and then we’re like a taxi driver, we drive it back and you unload it on the other side.

If you’re ever looking for storage and you need any help or information, just give the store a call on 0151 341 7777 and me and my staff will help you from beginning to end and make sure you have a secure and safe stay with us at Storefirst, Liverpool.

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