Introducing: Michael English – Store First Manager, Glasgow Branch

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Introducing: Michael English – Store First Manager, Glasgow Branch

19 Aug 2021 –– Meet the Team
Introducing: Michael English – Store First Manager, Glasgow Branch

Hi, I’m Michael English and I manage the Store First Glasgow facility, based at Linwood. I’ve been the manager here for seven years.

Our facility

We’re located in Linwood, which is just outside Glasgow.

We have a fantastic fit for purpose facility here. The main benefits to anyone who stores with us are that your goods are protected up to the value of £10,000 automatically, you’ll have 24/7 access and we’ll even provide you with a free padlock to secure your unit.

We’re located just off the roundabout at Linwood, which is directly off the A737, so it’s very easy to get here. Once you’re here, if you work odd hours or you’re self-employed and you need access to our facility, we have 24-hour access - which is a big, big draw for our customers.

We actually have the largest storage facility within the United Kingdom and also the continent of Europe, which is hard to believe considering we are based in Linwood! We have over 3,200 units and a total of 172,000 sq ft.

Our clients

We have an airline, who are based at Glasgow Airport and do all their archiving here. We also have a huge dental practice, they have been with us for at least five years and they have 14 units.

Our place is just so fit for purpose, which is a big draw for these businesses.

The majority of our business here is domestic, for example people moving home. We can be a bit of a lifesaver for a lot of people, if they’re in a sticky position moving home and at the last minute they need to store their belongings, we can help.

At this moment in time with the pandemic, we are seeing a lot more of these kind of customers. A lot of new builds have been delayed, a lot of delays with transactions and there are people who are really stressed who need a unit and we are always there and we’ll always find a solution.

Steeped in history

There is a lot of history in our building. Store First bought the building and transformed it into what it is now.

The Hillman Imp was built here, an iconic car. At one point, we had actually considered having an Imp as you walk into our foyer! Store First is certainly steeped in the history of Linwood.

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