Inside Store First Glasgow: The Cardio Man

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Inside Store First: The Cardio Man

15 Mar 2022 –– Community

We've spoken to one of our long-term tenants, who told us all about how he runs his company from Store First Glasgow.

Many Store First customers run their own business from our storage units. With a host of on-site facilities and benefits at your fingertips, it's a great way to expand your business or have your very first workspace!

What is your business called?

The Cardio Man

What does your business do?

I supply greeting cards, gift wraps and gift bags to local convenience stores.

Which Store First centre are you based at?

I work from a unit at Store First Glasgow in Linwood.

How did you hear about Store First?

It's highly visible from the roundabout just off the motorway with eye-catching signage. I drive past it every day, so it was hard to miss!

Why did you decide to operate from Store First?

It's in a good location from the road network and my home. It has the unit size I needed, and the 24/7 access is ideal. I have a lot of stock to hold, so having access to trolleys and heavy lifting equipment is added. The Store First staff are always happy to sign for and take in my stock orders.

When did you first move in/how long have you been at Store First?

I first moved in around September/October in 2020.

How big is your unit?

Store First had the ideal size for my business, so I opted for 225 sq ft, as it gives me enough space to store stock and operate from.

What benefits do you get from operating from Store First?

I get lots of benefits - easy access to my stock is ideal as I can get into my storage 24/7. One of the significant advantages is that it is close to home and has easy access to the motorway. It's also an incredibly secure facility; I have peace of mind that my storage is safe with Store First.

Do you make use of the free facilities at Store First?

Yes, I make use of the facilities every day. The conference suite and kitchen facilities are handy as they allow us to work a normal day from the site.

How has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

Store First has helped as it gives me a central location to operate my business, improving my efficiency when delivering my products to local convenience stores.

What would you say has been the best thing Store First has done for your business?

The best thing Store First has done for my business is it gives me premises to operate from, which is affordable. It's inexpensive, and I can upsize at any time, only paying for the space that I need.

Would you recommend Store First to others?


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