Inside Store First - Renaissance Systems, Blackburn

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Inside Store First - Renaissance Systems, Blackburn

06 Aug 2018 –– Customer Case Studies
Inside Store First - Renaissance Systems

When his business partner retired, software developer Christopher Baldwin realised he was paying too much for an office that was too big for his requirements. Find out how a storage centre provided the answer to his working dilemma.

What does your business do?

We write computer software. I work from home, so I needed somewhere to store documentation and pieces of hardware from time to time.

How did you hear about Store First?

I use the M65 motorway a lot so Store First Blackburn is right there. Several days a week I drive past, so it was always in the back of my mind.

Why did you decide to take out a Store First storage unit?

I needed somewhere clean and dry because I planned to use it to store electronic equipment and paper documentation. When Michael showed me round it looked ideal for what we wanted.

The meeting rooms were an important factor for us, too. My bookkeeper and I both work from home, so being able to meet up once a fortnight in the boardroom was a real bonus.

How long have you been at Store First?

I've had a 50 sq ft unit for around two years now.

What facilities do you use here?

Aside from making the odd cup of coffee, the meeting room is the main facility we use regularly.

How has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

Store First has saved us a lot of money as a business. We rented an office unit before, paying around £365 a month, but when my business partner retired, it was just too big for us.

As I write software, I can do that from home and my bookkeeper can easily work from home too - all we really needed was somewhere to store items. So, it made sense for us to do that and meet up once a fortnight in the meeting room at Store First rather than paying for an entire office.

Would you recommend Store First to other SMEs? If so, why?

I tell people we use Store First all the time and I am always happy to recommend it to other businesses.

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