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Inside Store First - Monster Energy

13 Aug 2018 –– Customer Case Studies
Inside Store First - Monster Energy

With its UK head office in the south of England, Monster Energy has sales staff located all over the country. We spoke to Trade Development Manager Waj Patel to find out how Monster makes the most of storage solutions from Store First.

What’s your business called and what do you do?

Monster Energy is a global energy drink company. I work as a Trade Development Manager in the convenience sector, so my role involves making sure Monster products are available in all convenience stores throughout Lancashire.

How did you hear about Store First?

The company used to have a lock-up in Manchester with a rival company when I first started. I live in Blackburn, so I started looking for storage centres in my local area which were more convenient.

Why did you decide to operate from a storage unit?

All sales staff with Monster are based from home and our head office is down south. So, equipment and anything else that needs to be sent out for us to do our job needs to be stored somewhere.

Store First was a great solution as it was great for access and quiet.

How long have you been at Store First?

Monster has had its storage unit at Store First for around six years.

What do you use your storage unit for?

I use my storage unit to store sample drinks, equipment, point of sale - everything I need to do my job is kept there and I know it's secure and safe.

What facilities do you use here?

At times I work from the storage centre and use the internet. The staff will happily print things for me, too.

How has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

The convenience Store First has provided to allow me to access my storage unit when I need to has been very useful. It's safe. When deliveries are sent out there's always a member of staff there to sign for them or to take care of pallet deliveries using the forklift.

I've also used the 24-hour when I've needed to get into my unit out of hours.

As a company, Monster needs storage for its sales team to do their job, so using Store First for this has helped us to achieve this in more than one location.

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