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Inside Store First: Incrediwear UK Ltd

09 Jun 2017 –– Customer Case Studies
Incrediwear UK Ltd

This week, in our Inside Store First series, we sat down and spoke to Store First, Wakefield storage, tenants, Incrediwear UK Ltd, to find out a little bit more about them, what makes them tick and why they chose to base their business from Store First’s Wakefield self-storage centre.

We caught up with Managing Director of Incrediwear UK Ltd, Carl Rushton, to find out more about his business and why he chose Store First.

What is Incrediwear UK and what do you do?

“Incrediwear UK Ltd is a sports supplement and clothing distributor.”

How did you hear about Store First?

“Well, as it happens, a couple of years ago, we were looking for somewhere to base our business from and we drove past the Store First self-storage centre in Wakefield, as it was just about to open. We saw that they were advertising the features they can offer to businesses, and we thought we’d pop in for a chat and see what they could do for us. We moved in pretty much as soon as the place opened.”

Why did you decide to operate from a self-storage unit at Wakefield Store First?

“As soon as I walked in, the staff at Store First, Wakefield, were really friendly and helpful. I was made to feel valued and the staff seemed really professional and knowledgeable.

“In addition to this, and I think most importantly, for me, was the fact that Store First has all of the facilities that I need to run and grow my business. It’s secure, convenient, in a great location, there’s free Wi-Fi and the staff are happy to sign for deliveries on my behalf – which is a great help to my business!”

So how long have you been at Store First?

“I moved in on the 16th of November, 2013. So, I’ve been here for nearly four years, now. I think I have been here longer than any of the other tenants, actually.”

How big is the self-storage unit that you’re based from?

“I’ve got three units. Two 100 sq ft units, and one 75sq ft unit.

“That’s one of the great things about being here – as my business grows, it’s really easy to upsize and take more space as and when I need it.”

So, what exactly do you use your self-storage units for, just to store equipment or do your business operations take place there, too?

“Both. I keep my stock here, and I carry out all activities involved in running my business from here, too.”

What additional benefits do you get from operating from Store First?

“Well, it’s a pretty long list, but for me, the biggest bonus is that it’s so much cheaper than renting a more traditional business unit. But, despite the fact that it’s such good value for money, or maybe a better way to put it would be, the thing that makes it such good value for money, is that I still get all the same facilities that a more traditional business premises would provide.

“In addition to the number of free to use facilities that are provided, the level of security that Store First provide really is second to none. I feel safe in the knowledge that my business and my stock are secure.”

Do you make use of the free facilities that are available at Store First?

“Yes, I do. I use the gym quite a lot. I use the free Wi-Fi all day, every day. I meet suppliers and clients in the boardrooms that are provided and the free on-site parking is brilliant, too.”

How has being based at Store First’s self-storage centre in Wakefield helped you to run your business?

“It’s in a prime position with fantastic links to the M62, with easy access for deliveries coming in and shipments going out. The staff are really friendly and flexible and do anything they can to try to make the day-to-day running of my business as easy as possible for me.

What would you say the best thing that Store First has done for your business is?

“The level of service is the most important factor for me. The Store First staff are second to none. The fact that they will accept deliveries on my behalf is really valuable to me, it saves me time and enables me to concentrate on actually running my business.”

Would you recommend Store First to other SMEs?

“This one is simple: yes. Definitely!”

You can find out more about Incrediwear UK Ltd here.

And if you’re in the market for self-storage in Wakefield, then why not drop in or give us a call, today, on: 01924 846 464?