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Inside Store First – Hunt’s Emporia, Derby

22 Oct 2018 –– Customer Case Studies
Hunt’s Emporia, Derby

The popularity of selling sites like eBay, Schpock and Depop has seen a boom in customers taking out storage to hold stock that’s outgrown their home. We caught up with Derby-based business Hunt’s Emporia to find out how Store First has helped it to spread its wings.

What does your business do?

Hunt’s Emporia is an online, second-hand branded clothes re-seller through the website/app Depop.

How did you hear about Store First?

My mum’s friend operated her business from a storage unit just like Store First.

Why did you decide to operate from Store First?

The reason I chose this storage unit was down to price, location for me and accessibility.

When did you first move in?

I first moved into a 135 sq ft unit around the start of June 2018 and I have been operating my business ever since.

What benefits do you get from operating from Store First?

I use to work from my bedroom before moving into a Store First unit, so just having my own space to work from is a massive benefit in itself. Having 24-hour access is major for my line of work, having the trolleys and the elevator can help when I have big loads and just little add-on perks like the kitchen area.

All these things make me feel like I have my own office space for a fraction of the price.

Do you make use of the free facilities at Store First?

Yes I do, I’ve used the gym that you have provided in the past, the kitchen I use on a daily basis and the free tea and coffee does help make the day go by!

How has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

It’s made my business look more professional, but also it gives me more motivation every day to keep going in and working because it feels like an actual workspace. Compared to when I was working in my bedroom, I now have more space to add and build so it’s only made it more successful ever since I’ve moved in.

What’s the best thing Store First has done for your business?

Again, I would say it’s made my business look more professional from an outside perspective, customers who have come to visit have complimented me on how well I’ve utilised the space and when I tell them the price they are blown away.

Would you recommend Store First to other SMEs?

I would 100% recommend Store First to more people.

What’s next for your Hunt’s Emporia?

Potentially get a bigger space within Store First to expand the business, but I’m also researching into my own shop as well as the storage unit.

Shop on Hunt’s Emporia here or follow them on Instagram here.

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