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Inside Store First - Homeserve

18 Jul 2018 –– Customer Case Studies
Inside Store First - Homeserve

HomeServe is a national company providing home emergency insurance cover and repairs. As well as storing tools in our Wakefield storage units, they make use of our boardrooms to hold staff meetings.
Find out more about why Homeserve has taken units at several our storage centre locations for business purposes.

What does your business do?

Homeserve is a home assistance provider, specialising in plumbing services, drainage, electrics, heating services and more. With more than two million UK customers and 2,900 UK employees, Homeserve is one of the UK's leading home emergency assistance providers.

Homeserve works with 18 leading energy and utility companies to deliver services to customers.

How did you hear about our Wakefield storage centre?

We use Store First at a few locations in the country.

Why did you decide to operate from our storage units?

Good service.

How long have you been using Store First?

Most recently, we took out at 275 sq ft unit at the Wakefield centre in December 2015.

What benefits do you get from using a storage centre as a business base?

East storage, use of the free facilities and it makes room in my house!

What do you use your storage unit for?

Storing tools.

What's the best thing Store First has done for your business?

Reduced travel and money with meetings.

Would you recommend Store First to other businesses?


Take out business storage for your company

There are plenty of ways we can help your business run smoothly when you choose to take out business storage with Store First. Gain valuable space to store equipment, stock, products or archives to make room in your home or office. Plus, enjoy extra facilities like boardrooms, workstations, free WiFi, breakout areas and even gyms at selected centres.

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