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Inside Store First - HG Hagesan, Blackburn

30 Jul 2018 –– Customer Case Studies
Inside Store First - HG Hagesan

HG Hagesan is a European company specialising in household cleaning products and one of our Blackburn storage centre customers. We caught up with Paul Connolly from the company to find out why.

What does your business do?

HG Hagesan is a Dutch company which creates products which solve problems around the home. If you've got a coffee stain on a table which you can't get off, we'll have a product that can fix it. In fact, we have more than 300 different products enjoyed by customers in more than 45 countries.

How did you hear about Store First Blackburn?

I was looking for a storage facility I could access 24/7.

I've covered 50,000 miles in the last 12 months, covering most of Northern England. So, whizzing up and down the M6 corridor I knew where Store First Blackburn was by the side of the motorway. I'd also searched on the internet for storage centres in the North West and Store First came up there too.

Why did you choose Store First?

24/7 access was key for me, because I'm all over the place at all different times. I made a shortlist of companies, and some of the other storage providers said they offered 24-hour access, but there was actually a charge. That's where Store First wins hands downs.

It's 30 minutes' drive from where I live, but it's convenient and it's on my route, so it works for me.

Plus, Michael and the team were really on the ball from the first enquiry, so I felt like I'd come to the right place.

How long have you had your Blackburn storage unit?

I've have my 100 sq ft unit for around 12 months.

What do you use your storage unit for?

We regularly do promos where the customer offers the promotion and we take the residuals, so we often have larger items like microwaves and fridge freezers we need to store. I also use it for general storage, like empty boxes, shrink wrap, counter displays and point of sale.

Do you use any other facilities at Store First Blackburn?

I use the meeting rooms sometimes to do my emails and catch up on work. All in all, the facilities are great and they're facilities that other storage companies don't seem to offer.

How has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

Honestly, I don't have to worry about returns or stock being dropped off when I'm not there. I know it'll be dropped off, I know it'll be secure. This knowledge allows me to go and do my day-to-day business without having to worry about all of that.

Would you recommend Store First's business storage solutions to other businesses?

I'd recommend it to my colleagues! Others are using different companies for storage that don't come close to the service and facilities I have with Store First.

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