Inside Store First: Green Motion

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Inside Store First: Green Motion

17 Jul 2023 –– Community

Store First is thrilled to introduce Green Motion, a renowned eco car rental company and our Liverpool store's valued long-term storage tenant.

Green Motion Car and Van hire offers its customers - both leisure and business the opportunity to enjoy great value vehicle rental while helping to reduce the impact of global CO2 emissions associated with road travel. 

The Advantages of Green Motion Car and Van Rental

  • Extensive Fleet: Green Motion boasts a wide range of eco-friendly vehicles, including cars and vans, suitable for various needs. Choose from mini, economy, compact, SUV and premium vehicle types. 
  • Eco-Conscious Approach: As part of a commitment to sustainable practices, Green Motion focuses on reducing the environmental impact of car and van rental services.
  • Open, honest & transparent: Renting a car or van from Green Motion is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. Green Motion has taken the bold first step to redefine the car rental sector by launching a pioneering new 'one-brand, a multi-product proposition to offer greater ease, flexibility, openness and transparency to customers. We have simply passed the choice back to the customer, who, via our multi-product proposition, can simply choose the product that is right for them in terms of inclusions, mileage, and the cost of excesses and deposits.
  • Loyalty Programme: "Drive Green – The loyalty programme from Green Motion is to thank our customers for their continued support. Drive your way through the levels and enjoy the benefits that they bring with our compliments."
  • Contactless Car Rental: "Green Motion’s Straight to Car rental service, Drive & Go, allows customers to bypass the pain points of traditional car rental and enjoy the full rental experience without any unnecessary human interaction - contactless car rental. After downloading the Green Motion app, customers can place a booking and go through the one-time verification process, and use their phone as a key to gain access to their rental vehicles."

Driving towards a greener future, inspiring others to make sustainable choices in their business and personal journeys.

Get in touch: 

Call on: 0151 230 1131 

Green Motion - Car and Van Rental
Estuary Banks
Store First Building
L24 8RQ