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Inside Store First: Discovery Vine - a business run from self-storage

20 Apr 2016 –– Customer Case Studies
A business run from self-storage

As part of our series of blogs looking at how we’ve helped small businesses to flourish by operating their businesses from our business storage units in Glasgow, Manchester, Burnley and across the north of England, we interviewed Jane who runs Discovery Vine from our Preston Store.

Take a look at what she had to say about how Store First has helped her business.

What does your business do?

    Our business is Child Care. We run Before and After School and Holiday Clubs throughout seven Primary Schools in Lancashire, four in the Preston area, one in Burscough and two in Garstang.

    We also have two Pre-School nurseries for children aged two plus.

    What is your business called?

      Our business is called Discovery Vine Childcare.

      How did you hear about Store First?

        We first heard about Store First in July 2014 when we were looking for a place to store some nursery equipment. When doing our research, it became apparent that Store First would be the best place for us to store our things, and we have been storing with them, then running out business from their premises ever since.

        Why did you decide to operate from a storage unit?

          We decided to operate from a storage unit because we have a lot of equipment that we are unable to store at the schools we are in. We do not have our own building but operate within the schools.

          When did you first move in/how long have you been at Store First?

            We first moved in in July 2014.

            How big is your business storage unit?

              Our unit is 75sq ft. It is big enough for us to store all our stock that needs storage year round, and also rotate other items in and out as we need them.

              What exactly do you use it for, just to store equipment or do your business activities take place there?

                We use it to store surplus equipment that we rotate to the different clubs. It also stores holiday club equipment that we do not need all year round, such as bouncy castles etc.

                What benefits do you get from operating from Store First?

                  The benefits are that in addition to the storage space we rent we have the free use of meeting rooms, which is invaluable to us with us not having our own building. We use the meeting rooms weekly for staff meetings etc. and for training courses. We also have access to free Wi-Fi, free post collection service and all the other added benefits that come with being a Store First customer.

                  Do you make use of the free facilities at Store First?

                    Yes, we do. We find they help us with the day to day running of the business. The free facilities are invaluable to us.

                    How has Store First helped you to run your business successfully?

                      It has given us a place to operate from. The staff are extremely helpful and polite and the meeting rooms enable us to interview new staff in a professional environment.

                      What would you say the best thing Store First has done for your business is?

                        Store First has provided us with a good business base, with an abundance of free facilities and helpful staff; best of all, the monthly rent doesn’t break the bank.

                        Would you recommend Store First to other SMEs?


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